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We got some hands-on time with the PonoPlayer -- the brainchild of Neil Young and the next must-have (or don't want) device for audiophiles.

Read our First Take of the PonoPlayer

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50 Cent's annual visit to the CNET stage

CNET saw its share of famous faces at CES on Day 2. In this year's chat with Brian Tong, 50 Cent spoke about SMS' new Star Wars headphones, the intersection of music and technology... and underpants.

Watch 50 Cent on the CNET stage

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LG's dual curved-screen concept phone

Because two curves are better than one, right?

Read our First Take and watch Luke Westaway show off those curves.

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Smart Home panel

It really is amazing how much of the show revolves around the connected home. CNET Editor-in-Chief Lindsey Turrentine led a discussion of how far the Smart Home has come and how far it still needs to go.

Watch the Smart Home panel discussion

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A new path towards illumination

Forget glaring tail lights. BMW's M4 Concept Iconic Lights feature laser headlights at the front of the car and OLED tail lights at the rear. The OLEDs are ultra energy efficient and the display can be customized to different shapes and different.

Get a first look at BMW's new lighting concept

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IO Hawk

Part Segway, part skateboard -- the IO Hawk moves intuitively as soon as you step on to the deck, and you can lean forward or back to control direction.

See the IO Hawk in action

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Panasonic offers beauty advice

CNET's Luke Westaway channels his inner Boy George with Panasonic's new smart mirror -- a futuristic display that allows you to check your hair and makeup before you walk out the door.

Watch the smart mirror at work

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Nick Cannon live on stage

It wasn't just 50 Cent who appeared on the CNET stage -- CES Entertainment Matters Ambassador Nick Cannon also came by to talk about tech at the show.

See CNET's one-on-one with Nick Cannon

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iHome connects Siri to your home

Plug anything into the iHome Smart Plug to remotely control your devices via app. And thanks to home kit compatibility, you can ask Siri to turn things on and off for you.

Learn more about iHome's clever little plug.

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The Android smartphone with gaming controls

The W3D from Snail Games adds physical gaming controls to an Android smartphone to create a Vita-like experience.

Read our first take as we get hands on with the W3D

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