Reuters: Mayer will 'make over $40 Million'

Everyone wants to know exactly how much money it took to lure one of Google's top executives to Yahoo. Trouble is that the numbers vary. Widely. Very widely. With base salary and compensation, the package is big, and the numbers being quoted range from $1 million to $100 million -- and just about everything in between. Which may suggest that most journalists did not major in math. In any event, a sampling from today's afternoon headlines follows. (For a breakdown of Mayer's pay package -- and a glimpse of why it might be hard to suss out -- see our main story here.)

Reuters reports Mayer will "make over $40 Million."
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Fox: 'Up to $60 million '

Fox says Mayer was offered a package of "up to $60 million."

With a $1 million base, and the potential for giant bonuses, Marissa Mayer has a huge incentive to right the ship at Yahoo, and the possibility of collecting a giant paycheck.
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Daily Mail: $1 million base, with $59 million waiting

The U.K.'s Daily Mail says Mayer was offered a $1 million base with $59 million in potential bonuses.
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TechCrunch: $1 million base, with $60 million in bonuses

TechCrunch says the compensation plan calls for a $1 million base with up to $60 million in bonuses.
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Reuters later reports: '$70 million pay package'

Reuters later posts a piece reporting that Mayer will get a "$70 million pay package."
Photo by: Screenshot/CNET agrees with Reuters: $70 million it is says the package is $70 million.
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Business Insider: $71 million over 5 years

Business Insider puts the package at $71 million over 5 years.
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CNN Money: $71 million dollar package

Do I hear $71 million? CNN Money does.
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WSJ: $100 million over 5 years

But hey, things are expensive in the Bay Area. Not to worry: The Wall Street Journal reports that Mayer will rake in $100 million over 5 years.
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LA Times says package could be worth $129 million

Not to be outdone, the Los Angeles Times says Mayer's pay package could be worth $129 million.
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