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Adding to the range of flash-based camcorders it just announced, Canon has also unveiled some DVD-based shooters, too. The advantage, should it not be obvious, is that you can stick the freshly recorded DVDs right into the nearest DVD player or PC for instant playback and editing.

Two new models in the new DC400 series are set to come out this April: the flagship DC420 and the DC410. Both are geared towards families, with ease of use and simple operation being key.

No PC editing of footage is really needed, since once you've filmed your baby being sick on itself, it's ready to be relived and stored away on DVD immediately. 

But the new models offer 30.5mm accessory threads, allowing you to add filters to the lens. So, should you end up realising vomiting babies look even more hilarious through a fish-eye lens, you only need invest in a lens attachment and not a whole new camera.

Canon's 'Advanced Zoom' optics provide 45x magnification on the DC420, and 41x magnification on the DC410. A start-up time of one second also enables you to quickly capture moments otherwise missed by camcorders taking several seconds to initialise.

Both models natively record in 16:9-format standard-definition widescreen, and support dual-layer DVD-R discs, and if that wasn't excitement enough, still images can be captured to SD or SDHC cards.

You've got 'til April to wait to pick up either of the DC400 models, so in the meantime feel free to peruse our gallery of them both (a gallery can be just two photos -- who said it can't?). Prices are to be confirmed, and we'll have full reviews for you as soon as humanly possible.

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The DC410 looks remarkably like the DC420, but -- as the beady-eyed of you will have no doubt noticed -- it's been photographed from a slightly different angle.
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