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Bose SoundTouch speaker line

Over the years, Sonos, once a fledgling startup, has grown up to dominate the DIY multiroom wireless audio space. Now it has some serious competition.
Bose has officially unveiled a new line of Wi-Fi speakers under its new SoundTouch brand, which features simple setup and operation, and it's definitely aimed at the same audience that Sonos has targeted.
The three new speakers that are available at launch -- you can order them today -- are the SoundTouch 30 ($699), a larger speaker designed for larger living spaces, and the SoundTouch 20 ($399) and SoundTouch Portable ($399), which are designed for somewhat smaller rooms. Bose will also introduce a Wave SoundTouch music system in December and other SoundTouch speakers and audio products in early 2014, signaling that it's going all-in on wireless audio.
Photo by: David Carnoy/CNET

SoundTouch Ensemble

From left: The SoundTouch 30, SoundTouch Portable, and SoundTouch 20. The SoundTouch portable has a built-in rechargeable battery.
Photo by: David Carnoy/CNET


The SoundTouch 30 and SoundTouch 20 feature Ethernet and USB ports on back along with an auxiliary input. The SoundTouch Portable does not offer Ethernet connectivity.
Photo by: David Carnoy/CNET

Ports close up

In case you wanted a more close-up view of the connectivity options...
Photo by: David Carnoy/CNET

The SoundTouch Portable

All the speakers feature six buttons on top of their respective units. They correspond to presets in the mobile apps.
Photo by: David Carnoy/CNET

SoundTouch Portable

Another angle on the $399 Portable.
Photo by: David Carnoy/CNET

Included remote

You get a simple remote with each speaker. Those same six numbers are on the remote as well.
Photo by: David Carnoy/CNET

SoundTouch apps

Close up of the iOS app running on an iPad. An Android app will also be available at launch along with apps for Mac and Windows PCs.
Photo by: David Carnoy/CNET

Total ensemble

An overview of the line with the iOS and Android apps running in the foreground.
Photo by: David Carnoy/CNET

Swankier remote

Bose previewed the SoundTouch Controller, an optional $99 accessory that will arrive in early 2014. It features touch controls.
Photo by: David Carnoy/CNET

SoundTouch Controller

Another view of the SoundTouch Controller.
Photo by: David Carnoy/CNET


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