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Bob Marley audio accessories from House of Marley: Trenchtown dock

House of Marley has been showing off a new line of stylish Bob Marley audio products at CES in Las Vegas. Check out our hands-on photos, and let us know what you think of the design...

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How does Bob Marley like his doughnuts? Wi' jam in! But how does he like his audio accessories? Wonder no more...

A range of Bob Marley-branded audio products has been unveiled by Bob's family, under the House of Marley banner. The comprehensive range of audio gadgets stretches from headphones to iPod docks, and is being given an official airing at CES in Las Vegas. Crave skanked on over to see what all the fuss was about.

The range is divided into three separate lines, nicknamed Jammin', Freedom and Destiny, which basically translates into low-end, expensive and super-expensive. Click through our photos above to check out some of the products from each category. There's no word yet on UK availability or pricing, but we do have the US prices, which should give a rough idea of how expensive this gear is, and we've run price conversions to give Brits a better idea.

In the Jammin' category you'll find in-ear 'phones like the People Get Ready models featured in our photos above ($49-59, or around £30-£40), on-ear cans and a baffling but somehow highly appealing iPod dock in a sack, named the Roots Rock ($250, or around £160), which you can also see if you flick through those pics.

In the Freedom range things get a little pricer, but we'd expect audio quality to improve too. Check out the magnificently named Get Up Stand Up iPod speaker stand, which will set you back $300, or around £195 at a rough conversion.

In the high-end Destiny range, check out the fantastic-looking aluminium Trenchtown Rock active noise-cancelling headphones, which will set you back $300 (£195).

We certainly like the style on show here, though in the noisy conference hall environment we couldn't really figure out what the sound quality was like. Stay tuned.

If you're wondering exactly why these multicoloured marvels are being produced, the House of Marley website states: "Bob Marley believed in a better world. Today, his family is creating it by turning their father's ideals into actions and principles into products." Which is probably exactly what old Bob meant.

Still, a portion of profits from these spangly speakers and such will go to the Marley family charity 1love.org, and the whole range is made from eco-friendly materials wherever possible, we're told, so we'll do our best to see this as a positive vibration, and not a buffalo sold-out.

What do you think of the range? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook wall.

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The People Get Ready in-ear 'phones.
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The Roots Rock wearable iPod speaker. We want to wear this.
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Roots Rock control panel.
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Marley-infused design is evident.
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That's Bob's son, Rohan Marley, enjoying the Roots Rock speakers.
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Get Up Stand Up iPod dock.
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Built out of real wood, y'know.
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Docks in sacks are all very well, but we're probably most excited about these Trenchtown Rock active noise-cancelling headphones.
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