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Black Friday: Wearable tech edition

OK, time to be honest: you don't need a smartwatch. You probably don't need a fitness tracker, either. But if you're considering one -- or have just been curious -- there are some good deals out there on some pretty well-reviewed gadgets.

Here are some of the better deals I've found on products I'd actually recommend -- with the caveat that while this landscape is changing rapidly, you'll get what you pay for.

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Misfit Flash ($24, Walmart)

It's hard to hate a $24 fitness tracker, especially when it's a good one. Walmart's price is a dollar below the $25 you can get it for at Best Buy. It's waterproof, it comes with clip and wrist accessories, and it tracks steps and sleep automatically. A no-brainer.

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Pebble Watch ($80, Best Buy)

The plastic version of the Pebble is already one of the better and more affordable smartwatches out there, but some retailers and Web sites are shaving an extra $20 off this week. That's a pretty sweet deal.

$79.99 at Best Buy

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Pebble Steel ($150, Best Buy)

Our favorite smartwatch of 2014, the Pebble Steel, started the year at $250 and dropped to $200, but some places are selling it at another $50 off. You only get a leather band in the box: the steel band costs $20 extra.

$149.99 at Best Buy

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Fitbit Flex ($69, Walmart)

The step-down Flex is a solid Fitbit band for counting steps and exercise but lacks a full watch display. Then again, thanks to this deal, it's also about $30 less than the Fitbit Charge (which is also on sale -- see the next slide).


Fitbit Charge ($100, Target)

Fitbit's latest tracker is a refined version of last year's discontinued Fitbit Force. It has a display, vibrates for silent alarms, tracks sleep automatically, syncs wirelessly, and gets call notifications. At $30 off, it's not a bad deal -- but keep in mind that a heart-rate-tracking version is coming early next year for $150.

$99.99 at Amazon, Best Buy, and Target

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Garmin Vivofit ($80; Amazon, Best Buy, Dell)

The Vivofit came out earlier this year, but has a battery life that lasts 12 months and pairs with chest-worn heart-rate monitors. It also doubles as a watch. You wouldn't cry if someone gave it to you.

$79.99 at Amazon, Best Buy and Dell

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LG G Watch ($99, AT&T)

If you're curious about Android Wear, Google's promising but embryonic OS for smartwatches, you can get a cheap entry ticket with the discounted G Watch, now more than half off what it used to cost. Good news: most Android Wear watches function the same way, so you'll be able to run all apps and services on this watch, even if it's not very attractive.


Samsung Gear 2 Neo ($99, AT&T)

If you own a Samsung phone, Gear watches have some unique advantages: they can be wrist-worn speakerphones, unlike Android Wear. This was our favorite Gear watch this year, and sale prices are half what it used to go for.

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Samsung Gear Fit ($100; Dell, AT&T, Best Buy)

This little band came out in April, and tracks steps and heart rate. Don't expect a great heart-rate tracker, but if you have a Samsung phone it also gets notifications like a mini smartwatch.

$99 at Amazon, Dell, and Best Buy

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Jawbone Up24 ($80, Best Buy)

We love the Jawbone Up fitness app, and last year's great fitness band can be had at nearly half the price this holiday. A newer version with heart-rate tracking is on its way but will cost $100 more than this bargain deal.

$79.99 at Amazon and Best Buy

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Garmin Forerunner 15 ($140, Best Buy)

Our favorite running watch, it comes with built-in GPS and can be paired with chest-strap heart-rate monitors. What more should we say?

$139.99 at Amazon and Best Buy

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Martian Notifier ($99, AT&T)

A simple but stylish watch with built-in customizable vibrations and notifications, it works with Android and iOS. This promotional deal shaves a little off the normal price.

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Now all you need is a phone

Do you actually have a smartphone that works with these wearables? Never fear! Here are some Black Friday phone deals to keep you occupied.

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