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The Binatone iHomePhone is a DECT digital cordless phone that runs Google's Android mobile operationg system. Yes -- it's an Android-powered landline phone. We're going to call it an Andline. Or Landroid, we haven't decided yet.

The phone connects to your Wi-Fi to offer your favourite Android features. The cordless handset features a 2.8-inch touchscreen and sits in a docking station when not in use. There's a microSD slot in there too.

Landline features include a hands-free speakerphone and stereo speakers, a digital answering machine and call waiting with caller ID. It offers up to 8 hours of talk time and up to 80 hours on standby. You can store up to 300 numbers in the contacts.

Then you get all the usual Web-connected Android goodness on the phone too. You can surf the Web, watch videos, listen to music, and access contacts and calendars.

Best of all, you can download the vast array of apps to your 'andset direct from the Android Market. Here's a selection of the best Android apps to get you started.

We like the idea of Web-connected devices all round the house, but we haven't had a landline for years. With Android powering a plethora of mobile phones and budget tablets, it's finding its way into all manner of gadgets. If Android can run a landline, a Nikon photo frame and a touchscreen microwave, soon it could take over your entire home -- let's hope it never turns evil.

The iHomePhone costs £100 and is taking your calls this month. Is this a neat idea to complement your existing Android handset, or a waste of time if you already have a mobile phone? Give us a bell in the comments.

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The iHomePhone has a Web browser built in.
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The dialler uses the Android-powered touchscreen and contacts.
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Built-in apps include an MP3 player, email client and a YouTube video player, so you can enjoy clips while drinking your Cup-a-Soup.
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