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Best streaming TV player deals for Black Friday 2015

Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV and even Chromecast devices are all on sale this week. Here's where to get a streaming hot bargain. (Originally published earlier, last updated November 25, 5:30 a.m. PT.)

David Katzmaier
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Raging rivers of streaming deals

Sure, the ranks of video streamers are dirt cheap already -- heck, Chromecast starts at $35 before any discounts. But it's Black Friday, so they're even cheaper. Here's all the halfway-decent streaming-player deals we found, and a couple to avoid.

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Best deal on the best player: Roku 3 for $79

Our top overall pick among streamers is the Roku 3. It's $20 off at Roku.com and retailers Best Buy, Walmart, Kohl's and Amazon.

Our favorite overall streamer for the money, the $70 Roku 2, isn't on sale anywhere we've seen. The extra $10 for the Roku 3 buys you a better remote (with voice search, a headphone jack and RF control), which is probably worth it for a lot of people.

Note: This deal on the Roku 3, and all of Roku's streaming player deals listed here, become available staring Wednesday evening at 9:01 pm PT and continue through Cyber Monday.

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Cheapest (good) streaming stick: Amazon Fire TV stick for $25

We don't like Amazon's stick as much as Roku's (see next slide), but it's cheaper this Black Friday.

The online retailer will let you pick up a Stick with the standard remote (left) for $25, or score the one with voice-enabled remote (right) for $35. If you're a fan of Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant that's said to be coming soon to the Stick, it's probably worth another $10 to step up.

As usual with Amazon, the deal will be available in waves. Some stores, like Best Buy, are also offering the $25 version on Black Friday.

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Best streaming stick bargain: Roku Stick for $40

Our favorite streaming stick is still the Roku, and this price is pretty great. It's available at Roku.com, Best Buy, Walmart, Kohl's, Amazon, Sams's Club, Radio Shack and the Microsoft Store, among others.

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Best 2-fer: 2 Google Chromecasts for $50

The new Chromecast, that strange circular thingy in red, yellow and black, is already an amazing value at just $35. But if you're in the market for more than one of these versatile phone-to-TV dongles, Best Buy, Costco and Staples have yer two-pack. The only discount we've seen on a single (new) Chromecast is $30 at HHGregg ($5 off).

Bonus tip: Don't rush to buy the old version (the USB-stick-looking thingy on the left) at Walmart for $20. It's still a great product and still worth buying -- but for the past few months they've been selling for $20 or less at Groupon and elsewhere.

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The best (that is, only) option for analog TVs: Roku SE for $25

The only reason we're including the $25 Roku SE here is for people whose TVs lack HDMI inputs. Its red, white and yellow analog outputs are just the ticket. It's available at numerous retailers across the country like Best Buy, Kohl's and Walmart, and HHGregg even has it for $20.

If you do have HDMI on your TV, get the much faster Roku Streaming Stick, or even an faster Roku 2 or Roku 3 box.

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Best price on a 4K streamer: Amazon Fire TV for $75

If you're looking for the least-expensive way to feed your 4K TV this holiday season, and you're unsatisfied with its built-in apps, a discounted Fire TV might float your boat. Unlike the stick, this price on the box is available at Amazon.com exclusively, as far as we've seen.

8 of 13 Sarah Tew/CNET

Best deal on the new Apple TV: 64GB version for $179

Since it's brand new -- and it's Apple -- there aren't many deals on the new 2015 Apple TV. Only regional retailer HHGregg has a discount that we've seen, and it's only $20 off on the more-expensive version.

That said, mega nationwide retailer Target is advertising "all Apple TV" versions at 25 percent off, meaning you could score the new version for about $113. Some reports are speculating that the sale only includes the old version, however, so don't brave the stampede just yet. Unless you want the...

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Best bargain for Apple fans: The old Apple TV for $52

The best price on the old Apple TV this Black Friday (or ever in history, as far as we know) can be found at Target.

10 of 13 Sarah Tew/CNET

Deep discount on a powerful, game-friendly box: Nvidia Shield for $149

It's not for everyone, but geeks who want cutting-edge hardware will appreciate this deal: A 16GB Nvidia Shield Android TV box for $50 off, with a free remote control (a $50 value). It also includes one game controller.

Heavy gamers may also appreciate the same discount on the 500GB Shield Pro, bringing it down to $249, again with the free remote and included game controller.

On Black Friday, this deal will be available at brick-and-mortar stores including Best Buy, Canada Computers, Fry's, GameStop, Memory Express and Micro Center. And if you wait until Cyber Monday, it hits nvidia.com, Amazon.com, NCIX.com and Newegg.com.

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Best streaming TV bargain: 32-inch TCL Roku Smart TV for $125

Want your streaming device built-in? Our favorite option is Roku TV, and this the smallest price for the smallest size. It's available at Amazon and Walmart.

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Best living-room size streaming TV bargain: 55-inch TCL Roku Smart TV for $349

Yes, we really like Roku TVs by TCL and other makers, and this is a great price for the largest size. It's available at Amazon.

Bonus tip: Avoid the 55-inch, $550 LG 55LF5700 since we don't expect it to have much (or any) better picture quality than other 55-inch Roku TVs, like this one or the Insignia NS-55DR420NA16. If you really want Roku built into a 65-inch TV, however, the LG 65LF5700 at $999 is your only option.

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