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As your grad moves out to college or the wide world afterward, they'll need a lot of stuff they've never used before. Here are some of the best smart devices to help them make a home their own, whether it's a dorm or an apartment.

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If your grad's heading off to college, Amazon Tap could be a good pick. It works as a voice-activated personal assistant while on Wi-Fi, and although it loses its smarts while on the go, you can still connect it to your phone as a Bluetooth speaker.

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Flic is a Bluetooth button that your grad can use for almost anything. Whether it functions as a safety device, a find-my-phone assistant, or a simple music remote, Flic is flexible and won't add clutter to a tight dorm room or apartment.

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When your grad hits late nights studying to ace that test, a solid coffee maker is critical to their success. Check out Ninja's Coffee Bar -- a flexible and affordable device that turns out high quality drinks.

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For grads ready to move into their own space, filling the kitchen is as important as learning how to use it. Pantelligent helps with both, offering a smart cooking pan with a helpful companion app to teach you recipes as you go.

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The Breville Fast Slow Pro is a multicooker for grads learning to prepare good food for less. Although it's a little pricy, Breville's device can replace a few kitchen appliances with its skills -- searing meat, slow cooking, and pressure cooking.

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It's time for junior to graduate from PBR. Fizzics uses sound waves to turn store bought bottles of beer into imitation draft beer. It works surprisingly well, especially for people wanting to experiment with new flavors.

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For a little more, this Synek Counter Top Beer Dispenser lets you get high quality beer from local bars. Just go in, fill up a vacuum-sealed bag like you would a growler, and you can have it on tap at your own home.


For the grad who's going to learn how to clean for themselves, a Neato Botvac Connected Robot Vacuum might help ease the transition. Plus, less time cleaning means more time job-hunting, right?

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If they're moving into a place with wood floors, your grad might prefer an alternative to Neato's device. Try iRobot's Braava Jet 240, a smart mop at a more affordable price.

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