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50 single-function kitchen gadgets you didn't know you wanted

Do you have some extra room in your kitchen?

Jessica Learish
1 of 50 Grillaholics via Amazon

Meat claws

Right now, multipurpose gadgets are all the rage. (Just ask us... and our best friend, the Instant Pot.) But then there's the opposite end of the spectrum. There's a whole world of gadgets out there that do one single, solitary thing.

But the thing they do... they do it well.

Take these meat claws, for example. Who doesn't want to feel like Wolverine while they're shredding their freshly smoked meat creation?

2 of 50 omrgoods via Amazon

Holy grilled cheese press

It's a miracle! This sandwich press will toast a familiar bearded face into your next grilled cheese.

3 of 50 Starfrit via Amazon

Potato-peeling robot

For less than $25, you can prep your next holiday feast like the mad scientist you've always wanted to be.

4 of 50 Rapid Slicer via Amazon

The Rapid Slicer

If you've ever looked at a carton of cherry tomatoes and thought, "If only I had a tool that would let me saw through these like a lumberjack," we've got the gadget for you.

5 of 50 NutriChef via Amazon

A cheese melter

Did you even know that cheese melters existed before this moment? Now you know, and you probably want one -- just a little.

6 of 50 ThinkGeek via Amazon

Death Star waffle maker

Encourage your kids to join the Dark Side when you serve up these geek-friendly Death Star waffles. 

7 of 50 Magic Tap via Amazon

The Magic Tap

Shopping for a shampoo pump for your beverage containers? You're in luck. Install a Magic Tap on your milk, and you'll never have to use your muscles to pour again.

8 of 50 Great Northern Popcorn Co. via Amazon

Theater-style popcorn maker

Some of us pop corn in the microwave. Some pop corn on the stove. You can pop corn like a real movie-theater professional in this nearly 2-foot-tall machine. Don't be surprised when your friends want to have movie night at your house.

9 of 50 Pine Kitchen Co via Amazon

Thawing plate

"This thing truly is magical," one reviewer said. 

But it's not magic -- it's science. This aluminum alloy thawing plate absorbs ambient heat in your kitchen to help you thaw frozen cuts of meat faster without any plugs, batteries or hot water.

10 of 50 Weetiee via Amazon

Melon windmill slicer

Are you a perfectionist who just loves melon? We've got just the gadget for you.

This slicer uses a fun windmill design to quickly chop your favorite melon into uniform rectangular cuboids. Your summer salads will never be the same.

11 of 50 FFSM via Amazon

Banana slicer

Are you a perfectionist who just loves bananas? This gadget may speak to your slicing sensibilities.

Make sure to check out this item's Amazon reviews for some hilarious banana-centric jokes.

12 of 50 Rachael Ray via Amazon

Garbage bowl

Sure, this may look like any old mixing bowl, but noooooo. According to Rachael Ray, this bowl is strictly for storing food waste while you cook. No mixing, do you hear? Think of it as a boutique hotel for your garbage on its long journey to the trash can.

And if you're still reading this, we have one question: Just exactly how big is your kitchen?

13 of 50 Zevro Via Amazon

A cereal dispenser

Cereal already comes in a box that's suitable for cereal storage. But if you're looking to prolong the freshness of your dry breakfast goods -- or to give your kitchen that complimentary hotel breakfast aesthetic -- this dispenser might be worth a look.

14 of 50 OXO via Amazon

Avocado multi-tool

This is like a Swiss Army knife for your avocados. It pierces the skin, twists out the pit and even sweeps through the flesh to create uniform slices. 

But if you want to turn your slices into guac, you'll need a separate tool.

15 of 50 The Paragon via Amazon

A clever egg separator

Your guests will be cracking up (see what we did there?) when they see you separating your eggs with this clever gadget.

16 of 50 Hamilton Beach via Amazon

Breakfast sandwich maker

Part toaster, part panini press, part frying pan — this sandwich contraption will make you an egg sandwich so flawless, you might consider opening your own diner.

17 of 50 Bellemain via Amazon

Burger mold

While you're contemplating turning your kitchen into a diner, you might want to buy this nonstick burger mold. 

18 of 50 Icinginks via Amazon

A cake printer

You objectively don't need this printer that prints edible ink onto sheets of frosting, but you might impulse-buy one anyway. We won't tell.

19 of 50 Chefn via Amazon

This cauliflower... thing

This little gadget provides an ergonomic way to remove the florets from a head of cauliflower. You could also just do this with a chef's knife, but we can't tell you what to do.

Check out the video on Amazon for an up-close look at how it works. 

20 of 50 Bellemain via Amazon

A cheese slicer

This gadget will up your cheese-plate game like never before. It functions kind of like a peeler, slicing long strips of uniformly thick cheese from a block.

Look at that cheese and tell me you don't want to make your own elegant slices.

21 of 50 Fred & Friends via Amazon

Rubber chicken soup infuser

Are you ready to infuse your soup with a little humor?

Stuff this rubber chicken-style infuser with your favorite herbs and drop it into your favorite soup recipe.

22 of 50 ChipFingers via Amazon

Chip Fingers

You can now go forth and Cheeto without the fear of orange residue sticking to your fingers. 

But be warned that children may laugh at you. One reviewer said, "My kids thought they were goofy!"

23 of 50 The Chork via Amazon

The Chork

Never decide between forks and chopsticks again with this genius invention. The Chork: It's business in the fork, chopsticks in the back.

24 of 50 Mr. Coffee via Amazon

Coffee mug warmer

Gone are the days when you had to race against physics to finish your giant cup of coffee before it turned cold. 

Go ahead and let the hours tick by. This warmer will let you savor every last sip of that still-hot mug of coffee. 

25 of 50 Fox Run via Amazon

Corn-buttering tool

This butter dispenser has a rounded edge for spreading butter onto an ear of corn. As one five-star review explains, "It puts the butter on the corn."

26 of 50 Kotobukiya via Amazon

Darth Vader chopsticks

Yes, these light up. And since they're plastic and not kyber-crystal-powered plasma blades capable of slicing through flesh and bone, they're safe to use around kids. 

We also can't stop you from breathing heavily over your dinner and saying, "Luke, I am your wonton."

27 of 50 The Dipr via Amazon


With the Dipr, you and all your friends can safely share a single glass of milk when you're dipping Oreos together. Finally.

28 of 50 Copper Chef via Amazon

Egg cooker

This gadget will cook just about any style of eggs with the touch of a button. Meanwhile, you can use your brain to focus on other things.

29 of 50 Zoie + Chloe via Amazon

Empanada press

Why pinch your empanadas closed by hand when you can press them closed with this handy-dandy press?

30 of 50 RSVP International via Amazon

Garlic cube

This gadget presses garlic into a very specific, rather large, shape. The shape is still smaller than a whole clove though, so maybe this is the gadget you've been waiting for.

31 of 50 Good Cook via Amazon

Ground meat chopper

To our practiced eye, this ground meat-stirring gadget looks like a fancy, five-bladed spatula or a nylon version of a wooden spoon. Amazon reviewers absolutely love it. It has over 1,500 reviews and five stars.

32 of 50 That Inventions via Amazon

Heated ice cream scoop

The coolest thing about this heated ice cream scoop is that it absorbs your body heat through the handle and transfers the heat to the scoop using a thermo-liquid technology.  

33 of 50 Chefast via Amazon

Herb scissors

You'll never want to slice basil ribbons with a knife ever again.

34 of 50 WowBacon via Amazon

Microwave bacon pitcher

If you're microwaving bacon a lot, we suppose this gadget could be useful. It collects the bacon grease away from your strips of bacon so you won't need to use any paper towels.

35 of 50 As Seen on TV via Amazon

Easy Eggwich

Despite the name, this gadget doesn't actually make egg sandwiches, but it does provide a place to microwave an egg (scrambled or not) in the precise shape of an English muffin.

One reviewer wrote, "I don't know how I lived without these."

36 of 50 Just Solutions via Amazon

Anti-sog cereal bowl

If you have soggy-cereal haters in your house, this is going to change the way they eat breakfast. "I purchased this as kind of a joke," one reviewer wrote, "and it has ended up being an excellent investment."

37 of 50 Holstein Housewares via Amazon

Omelet maker

We don't know if you've noticed this, but manufacturers absolutely love inventing creative ways to cook eggs into specific shapes.

38 of 50 Apol via Amazon

Skull egg mold

Speaking of freaky shapes for your eggs, this skull-shaped egg stencil is perfect for making a goth- or pirate-themed breakfast.

39 of 50 Gadget Chef via Amazon

Onion chopping kit

If you hate chopping onions, but still find yourself chopping them frequently, we've got a treat for you. 

The goggles will protect your eyes from stinging and tearing. The comb will impale the onion so that you don't need to touch it with your hand. And the stainless steel orb will absorb the onion smell from any surface.

It will be like you never chopped the onion in the first place... except you'll have a chopped onion.

40 of 50 Chefn via Amazon

Onion peeler

Throw this onion peeler in your Amazon cart while you're there to avoid peeling the skin with your fingers.

41 of 50 Anglink via Amazon

Salad cutter bowl

And while we're on the subject of odd chopping workflows, this salad-chopping bowl is available.

42 of 50 KACAGA via Amazon

Plastic bag holder

You're an independent person, and you don't need anybody's help. That's why this plastic bag holder is perfect for you.

You'll never need to ask someone to hold a bag open while you scoop the leftovers from the pan ever again.

You're welcome.

43 of 50 Minipresso via Amazon

Portable espresso machine

You won't have to leave your creamy, potent espresso at home next time you venture into the wilderness. Just pack the Minipresso in with your camping stove and skip the cowboy coffee.

44 of 50 Hamilton Beach via Amazon

Quesadilla maker

You can make a quesadilla in a frying pan, or you could treat yourself to this glossy red appliance. 

This model from Hamilton Beach presses and perforates your quesadilla into six mess-free wedges of perfectly toasted cheesy goodness. 

45 of 50 MSC International

This tomato slicer

"I'll admit I was a grown man who had his parents cut his tomato slices," one reviewer wrote, "With this tomato slicer, I can proudly say I can cut my own tomato slices now." 

46 of 50 Prepsolutions via Amazon

Microwave s'more cooker

You might be wondering why you need a device with two arms to microwave a s'more. The weight of the arms prevents the marshmallow from overinflating and damaging the structural integrity of the s'more.

You might also be wondering why you would microwave a s'more. For that, we don't have an answer.

47 of 50 MSC International via Amazon

Strawberry-shaped strawberry slicer

This is cute. It's not super necessary, but it's cute.

48 of 50 KidsFunwares via Amazon

Taco dinosaur

One reviewer perfectly captured the experience of finding, buying and using this taco stand. She wrote, "Did I think our household needed a triceratops taco holder? Nope. Was I wrong? Yes. So very, very wrong."

49 of 50 Thaw Claw via Amazon

The Thaw Claw

This gadget suctions to the bottom of your sink to submerge frozen meat under hot water. 

Could you use some other heavy object to force your frozen steak underwater? Probably. But this exists, so you don't have to.

50 of 50 Sboly via Amazon

A spiralizer

Maybe you bought a spiralizer in 2015 and you've only used it twice. Maybe you're just getting hip to the healthy zoodle trend now, and you wanna try one out for yourself.

Maybe you want to spiralize a potato and make your own curly fries. The heart wants what it wants.

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