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Polk Audio Signa Solo

Elac Adante AS-51

Definitive Technology Demand D7

Sony VPL-VW285ES

Pioneer VA-FW40

Onkyo VC-GX30

Jamo Studio SB 36

Bowers & Wilkins 707 S2

Price: $129

Availability: October 2017

The outlook: Sound bars are getting so cheap that it almost costs as much to ship them as to buy them. At $129, the Polk Audio Signa Solo has the heritage and potential for decent sound quality. The days of $6,000 sound bars are surely numbered.

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Price: $2,499

Availability: October 2017

The outlook: We saw them at CES 2017 and liked them a lot. The Elac Adante AS-51s take the high-end concepts that designer Andrew Jones has developed over 40 years in the industry and distilled them into a (sort of) affordable package. We're very excited to review these!

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Price: From $499

Availability: September 2017

The outlook: Definitive Technology is known for its pricier floorstanding speakers, but the new Demands look very promising. Featuring exceptional build quality and a compact size they might have enough to worry Elac's Uni-Fi series.

Caption by / Photo by Definitive Technology

Price: $4,999

Availability: Now

The outlook: The Sony VPL-VW285ES is the first Sony 4K projector to dip under the $5K mark and offers all of the features you'd expect, including HDR compatibility.

Caption by / Photo by Sony

Price: $249

Availability: October 2017

The outlook: Until now you've only had essentially two smart speakers to choose from -- Amazon Echo and Google Home -- but this new Pioneer speaker widens the field. It's packed with features, too, including Alexa voice assistant and Play-Fi multiroom.

Caption by / Photo by Ty Pendlebury/CNET

Price: $249

Availability: October 2017

The outlook: The contrapuntal model to the Pioneer F4 is the Onkyo G3, which offers the Google Assistant and Chromecast built-in. If you're looking at a Chromecast multiroom system, this could be the smart speaker to get.  

Caption by / Photo by Onkyo

Price: $199

Availability: October 2017

The outlook: One of the most striking sound bars we've seen in years, the tweed-covered SB 36 is shaping up to be a promising budget offering. 

Caption by / Photo by Jamo

Price: $2,499

Availability: September 2017

The outlook: While the B&W 707 S2 is likable it's not the speaker we'd look at if upgrading from say a 685. The 705 not only looks the business, but our initial listening tests suggests it sounds great too!

Caption by / Photo by Bowers and wilkins
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