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Kindle Paperwhite

If you're looking for a dedicated e-book reader for a holiday gift, or for your own reading pleasure, check out CNET's picks for the very best options out right now.

Amazon's e-reader with an integrated light may not be perfect, but if you read a lot at night or in bed, this is the Kindle you want.

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Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch with Glow Light

Barnes & Noble was the first to market with an e-reader that had an integrated front light in its screen. It started out at $139 and now costs $119 (same as the Paperwhite) and offers expandable memory.

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Amazon Kindle 2012

Amazon's updated its popular entry-level non-touch-screen Kindle, giving it better performance and a darker exterior while lowering the price to $69 for the ad-supported version.

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Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch

The basic Nook Simple Touch (without GlowLight) remains a solid e-reader for $99. You can also find it refurbished for $79.

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