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Black Friday deals Australians can actually get

You've no doubt seen all the crazy Black Friday deals our friends in the US get. Fear not, there are some savings to be had Down Under, too.

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Black Friday

Black Friday doesn't quite sweep through Australia like it does the US, but that's not to say there aren't some sweet deals about. Starting Friday and ending (mostly) on Monday, there are some very decent discounts on games, consoles, TVs and computers that you should know about.

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Steam store

It's a particularly good weekend to be a gamer. There are some big price cuts happening on the Steam store, and you don't need to be in the US to take advantage. There are discounts on newer games, like Wolfenstein II and The Evil Within 2, both selling for AU$40, and you'll find slightly older titles for next to nothing. You'll get Fallout 4, for instance, for less than AU$20.

3 of 11 Blizzard

Blizzard games

If you've not played any of Blizzard's addictive games, now is a good time. Squad shooter Overwatch will be available from AU$30, while World of Warcraft is just AU$13. You'll get all expansion packs up to Legion, the most recent one. Blizzard also says there'll be price cuts to all of its merch over the weekend.

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Playstation store

The Steam sale won't help you much if you're a console gamer. Sony has some business going on its PlayStation Store, with many games discounted. Both Final Fantasy XV and Uncharted 4 are under AU$30, and the excellent Horizon Zero Dawn and Gran Turismo Sport are AU$40. Check the rest of the deals out here.

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EBGames' Xbox sales

There are some wild deals over at EB Games until Monday. You can get quite a few games for half price, but the hardware discounts may be more impressive. A PSVR with Skyrim, VR Worlds and a PS4 Camera costs just AU$369, even though PSVR usually sells for AU$549. Over on the Microsoft side of life, you can get an Xbox One S with Wolfenstein II, Assassin's Creed Origins and The Evil Within 2 for AU$279. You'll find all of the deals here.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 (15 inch)
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The Microsoft Store also has discounts aplenty for gamers. Xbox One games are down, and there are a set of AU$279 Xbox One S deals

7 of 11 Sarah Tew/CNET


Dell has dashed the price of some of its computers by up to 40 percent, though most of them are in the 10-20 percent range. Still, nothing wrong with saving a few hundred bucks. You can get a VR-ready Inspiron 15 laptop for $1,999, for instance, down from AU$2,499. If you're not looking for a gaming beast, the Dell XPS 13 starts at AU$1,599, down AU$400.

Lenovo Yoga 920
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Lenovo is taking it a step further, or five steps further, slashing up to 45 percent off some of its laptops and computers. If you want to find your zen, for instance, you can get a X1 Yoga 2-in-1 from AU$1,699. You'll also find a bunch of its new laptops equipped with Intel's eighth-gen CPUs a few hundreds bucks cheaper.

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JB Hi-Fi

If you're looking to upgrade to a 4K TV, JB Hi-Fi is the place to be. It's taken a whole grand off this 40-inch TCL TV, for instance, and AU$800 off this 75-inch Sony one. There are quite a few other hardware deals, like a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for AU$999, 15 percent off the Surface range and a Nintendo Switch for AU$399. The sale ends Monday.

Razer Blade Stealth (13-inch, 2017)
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Razer has a few discounts at its online store, the biggest being AU$400 off its new Razer Blade Pro. You can now get the Full-HD display, Nvidia GeForce 1060-equipped Pro for AU$2,999. If you're after an ultrabook, the Stealth is going for as little as AU$2,049.

11 of 11 Luke Lancaster/CNET


HyperX, increasingly becoming known for it's inexpensive-yet-quality gaming peripheries, has many of its keyboards and headphones discounted. You'll find its Cloud Alpha headset at JB Hi-Fi for AU$118, down from AU$169, and Mwave is selling the Alloy FPS mechanical keyboard for half price at $69.

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