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The original 3D movie and its fans would argue the best. Shot in 3D on giant stages, the movie is a visual triumph simply because it's not "poking spears at you" and is much more subtle. Panasonic has an exclusive license on the 3D version until early 2012 so you can either wait for the retail copy or look for copies on eBay.

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Coraline 3D

A very creepy, yet fun movie for all of the family. The 3D effects help rather than detract from the movie--particularly in the corridor scenes as seen above. Though the DVD version is available in 3D and includes cardboard red/blue glasses in the box, for the best experience you should definitely check out the 3D Blu-ray. Not for the very young, though.

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Ultimate Wave: Tahiti 3D

Follow surf champion Kelly Slater as he rides one of the the biggest waves in the world. Shot in 3D, not converted, the footage taken while the camera is floating on the water is particularly spectacular.

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Tron: Legacy

Come for the non-existent plot, stay for the 3D. Tron: Legacy may not have all of the fun or freshness of the original but it makes up for it with truly sumptuous images.

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Toy Story 3

Keep the tissues handy as this one's a tearjerker. Andy's moved away to college and the toys get taken to a child care center where they meet the enigmatic Lotso Huggin Bear. Not all is as it seems. Great story, subtle 3D treatment and the same great characters make for a compelling Blu-ray disc.

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Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Legendary director Werner Herzog is known for his movies about men who push themselves far beyond their physical and mental limits, but he scales things right back here for a look at the earliest cave paintings. Herzog said he didn't want anything popping off the screen, instead he wanted to show the texture of the drawings as they follow the curves of the cave walls.

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Batman: Arkham City (PC/PS3)

Bigger and better than the hit title Arkham Asylum, not only have the inmates taken over the asylum but part of Gotham City! Gameplay is more open this time around, and it's definitely grittier--this is not a kids game! The 3D does add depth. You might want to dial the settings down a lot, though.

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Crysis 2 (PC/PS3)

Crysis 2 has a visual reputation to uphold, and manages to amplify everything this time around. If you're buying this for PC make sure you have an Nvidia card and a 3D Vision Kit first.

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Gran Turismo 5 (PS3)

The grandaddy of console-based car sims, Gran Turismo 5 is the biggest entry in the series yet. The 3D effects are especially immersive and the first-person view of the cockpit looks really cool in three dimensions.

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Super Stardust 3D (PS3)

Not the blockbusters that the other entries in the list. No, this is a humble 80's style arcade shooter helped along with the addition of 3D graphics. While companion title Wipeout HD is a little over-the-top with its 3D treatment, the curvature of the planet really adds to the gameplay.

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Uncharted 3 (PS3)

If you're going to play a game in 3D, then adventure games are best. A climbing game like Uncharted is helped by the 3D effect--you can see jutting-out ledges much more easily. Very cinematic in feel, the game has the potential to be even bigger than the two preceding it.

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