A stretched-out iPhone

Italian designer Federico Ciccarese has wowed us in the past with his concepts for an iWatch and iPhone Air. Recently, he got in touch again to share his vision of an iPhone 6 offered with larger displays, based on rumors that the next Apple phone could come in 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models. In this image, he shows how the higher resolutions of such displays will free up room for more icons on the home screen.
Photo by: Ciccarese Design

Still an air-y concept

Federico Ciccarese's concept for a larger iPhone 6 still maintains the thin, sleek profile that is rapidly becoming a trademark of all Apple products.
Photo by: Ciccarese Design

Bottoms up

Looking at the larger iPhone 6 concept from the bottom up; notably, the headphone jack has been relocated from its current position on the iPhone 5S.
Photo by: Ciccarese Design

A younger, bigger brother

A bigger, 4.7-inch iPhone 6 concept shown alongside an iPhone 5S. The rumored 750x1,338-pixel resolution offers plenty more room for icons.
Photo by: Ciccarese Design

Side-by-side siblings

Another look at how a bigger iPhone 6 would stack up against the iPhone 5S.
Photo by: Ciccarese Design

The whole family

The full lineup of potential bigger iPhone offerings on the right, with the existing iPhone 5S on the left for comparison. Could Apple really be working on such a fabulous phablet? We'll know in the coming months.
Photo by: Ciccarese Design


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