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The $139 Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight uses patent-pending lighting technology. You can also dim the light to avoid bothering a bed partner who's trying to sleep.
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Except for the integrated light, the new Nook Simple Touch looks the same as the original Nook Simple Touch, which remains on the market for $99.
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The new Nook with a couple of other leading e-reading devices.
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The New Nook is the same size but weighs slightly less.
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Jamie Iannone, president of Digital Products at Barnes & Noble, demoed the product for CNET.
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The product doesn't include a case, but it does ship with an AC adapter and antiglare screen cover.
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Barnes & Noble says it has improved the performance of the touch screen.
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The new Nook has the same carbon-colored back. The device retains the SD card slot for adding memory.
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You can adjust the brightness settings.
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Like the old Nook, the new Nook's e-ink display is designed for outdoor reading.
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