Barbie's careers though the years

From fashion designer to robotics engineer, how Barbie's resume evolved through nearly 60 years.

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Barbie makes her debut in 1959

Barbie came into the world rocking a stripped bathing suit and looking fabulous. But alas, to keep up this lifestyle she needed to join the working world.

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Fashion Designer (1960)

Barbie got her first big break as a fashion designer.

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Flight Attendant (1961)

In 1961, Barbie became a flight attendant. But she also took on two other jobs that year.

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Registered Nurse (1961)

Registered Nurse Barbie in '61 came with a medicine bottle, a hot water bag, diploma -- and a wicked cool cape.

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Ballerina (1961)

Barbie also found time to pursue her dream of becoming a star ballerina.

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Tennis Player (1962)

Before Billie Jean King faced off against Bobby Riggs, the first battle of the sexes was Barbie vs. Ken.

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College Graduate (1963)

Four years after her debut, Barbie earned her degree and became a college graduate. 

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Career Girl (1963)

With her freshly printed college degree, Barbie began fashionably working her way up the corporate ladder.

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Astronaut (1965)

Barbie joined the space race in 1965 as an astronaut -- four years before man walked on the moon! Who says ballerinas can't be rocket scientists? 

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Surgeon (1973)

Surgeon Barbie shows us that you don't need pants to be an awesome doctor.

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Olympic Skier (1975)

Barbie competed in her first Winter Olympics as a skier and took home the gold.

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Fashion Model (1977)

Modeling was a natural fit for Barbie. No Photoshop necessary. 

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Aerobics Instructor (1984)

Leg warmers. Headband. Scarf belt. Barbie was the ultimate '80s aerobics instructor. 

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Veterinarian (1985)

Veterinarian Barbie came with a pawsome outfit.

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Astronaut (1986)

Barbie was quite the stellar '80s space cadet. Her fuchsia and silver metallic bodysuit rocked big puffy shoulders, knee-high pink boots -- and she could change into a matching mini-skirt for space dance parties!

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Barbie and the Rockers (1986)

When Jem and the Holograms got popular, Barbie went hard on the hairspray and eyeshadow to form a rival girl band: Barbie and the Rockers. 

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Air Force Pilot (1991)

In the '90s, Barbie cut her air and enlisted in the military. She flew jets as an Air Force pilot.

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Naval Petty Officer (1991)

Barbie also served in the Navy as a petty officer. 

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Marine Corps Sergeant (1992)

And the following year she became a sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. That's one tough doll.

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Business Executive (1992)

In 1992 she shattered the glass ceiling and got a corner office with her all-pink suit. 

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Rapper (1992)

1992's Rappin' Rockin' Barbie was so fresh, she even had a working boombox. 

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Police Officer (1993)

The next year Barbie joined the force as a police officer. 

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Army Medic (1993)

Barbie left the force to join the Army and put her medical training to use as a medic.

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Firefighter (1995)

Barbie continued to save the day in 1995 as part of the Barbie Fire Rescue unit.

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Gymnast (1996)

Barbie can't resist the Olympics. She got back in the games in 1996 to become a gold-medal-winning gymnast. 

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Dentist (1997)

Barbie started her own dental practice in the late '90s. Rinse. Spit. Good job, here's a little Crest toothpaste sample.

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Soccer Player (1998)

Barbie gets bendable knees and suddenly becomes a soccer superstar. Go figure.

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Nascar Driver (1998)

Years of training with Hot Wheels paid off when Barbie became a Nascar driver in 1998.

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MLB player (1998)

Barbie and friends started a league of their own in '98 when they became the first women to play in Major League Baseball.

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WNBA (1999)

The WMBA began in 1997, but Barbie didn't join until 1999. Wait... Dallas? I thought she was more of an Los Angeles Sparks gal.

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Airline Pilot (1999)

She may have started out as a flight attendant, but in 1999 she became a pilot -- with matching suitcase!

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Working Woman (1999)

The Working Woman Barbie found a way to have it all on the go with her flip phone. 

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Presidential Candidate (2000)

Barbie began her political career in 2000 in her first run for president.

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Olympic Swimmer (2001)

Barbie racked up more gold medals on the US Swim Team. 

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Art Teacher (2002)

How did she wear such great clothes while teaching art class to toddlers?

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Presidential Candidate (2004)

In 2004, Barbie ran for president once again. This time, she went for the pantsuit.

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American Idol (2005)

After running for president, going into reality TV is a natural next career step. So Barbie auditioned for American Idol.

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TV Chef (2008)

Barbie was also a TV chef with her own cooking show.

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President (2008)

Barbie ran for president once again in 2008, but this time she didn't cut her hair.

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Newborn Baby Doctor (2009)

Only Barbie can rock a short skirt in the maternity ward.

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News Anchor (2010)

Barbie was breaking news and breaking hearts as a TV news anchor.

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Computer Engineer (2010)

In 2010, Barbie showed the world her programming skills as a computer software engineer. She worked primarily in binary and had a Bluetooth earpiece that made geek look chic.

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Architect (2011)

In 2011 Barbie leaned into her math skills again as an architect.

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Fashion Designer (2012)

Barbie went back to her very first job as a fashion designer -- but this time her sketches were saved on a tablet.

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Mars Explorer (2013)

Barbie became the first woman to walk on Mars in 2013. Looks like she had some fuchsia metallic spacesuit material left over from 1986. 

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Entrepreneur (2014)

Barbie started her own business as an entrepreneur, armed with her iPhone and iPad loaded with bar charts. Get it, girl.

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Game Developer (2016)

Barbie went back to the programming world in 2016 as a game developer, blending her creative art side with technology and math. 

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President and Vice President (2016)

Barbie didn't just run for president in 2016, she also ran for VP. The first all-woman, all-Barbie ticket!

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Scientist (2017)

Barbie dived into more STEM jobs. She strapped on her goggles, brushed up on her periodic table of elements, and worked in the lab as a scientist.

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Astronaut and Space Scientist (2017)

Astronaut Barbie teamed up with her rocket scientist friend in this double-doll-pack of space heroism adventures.

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Palentologist (2018)

Mattel's dino-digging Paleontologist Barbie comes with a headlamp and digging tools. Mattel also made a paleontologist Barbie in 1996. (Whenever Jurassic Park is trending, life finds a way to bring us Paleontologist Barbie.)

Robotics Engineer (2018)
Robotics Engineer (2018)
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Robotics Engineer (2018)

Barbie took her programming to the next level as a robotics engineer. (Artificial intelligence and voice recognition abilities not included.) Watch the video above to learn more.

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