Badass photos from GoPro cameras

From killer sharks to extremely happy dogs, these photographers have captured some of the coolest shots around.

Lance Cartelli
Lance Cartelli is an Emmy Award-winning producer and writer based in Los Angeles, California.
Lance Cartelli
1 of 67 Amanda Brewer/Sharkservation.com

Great white

Taken by Amanda Brewer in Mossel Bay, Africa, this shot of a great white shark is one of the most famous GoPro photos to date.

2 of 67 Chantelle Stobbe/Barcroft Medi via Getty Images

Penguin meets world

This shot was captured (with the help of a selfie stick) in the Falkland Islands. 

3 of 67 Yasar Turanli/Shutterstock

Cooling off

This good dog was captured in the drink by GoPro enthusiast Yasar Turanli. 

4 of 67 Billywarp1/YouTube

Lightsaber duel

Created by YouTuber Billywarp1, this awesome video still comes from the video "Jedi with a GoPro 2."

In the clip, the Jedi inflicts some serious damage on stormtroopers until Darth Vader arrives.

5 of 67 lostleblanc/Instagram


Christian LeBlanc can't really take credit for this incredible photo. After stopping at a sanctuary in Bangkok, LeBlanc went to grab a banana to feed the elephant. The elephant then snagged LeBlanc's GoPro to take an "elphie."

6 of 67 yoremahm/Instagram

Manny the Selfie cat

Here's a photo of Manny the Selfie Cat and his furry friends. Yes. He literally takes selfies.

7 of 67 gurustunts/Instagram

Skydiving above Houston

Here are Guru Khalsa and his friends performing a midair trick over Houston. 

8 of 67 gurustunts/Instagram

Lighting up the sky

Here's another photo Khalsa took while skydiving. This time, they're lighting up the sky with colorful streamers. 

9 of 67 gurustunts/Instagram

Making the leap

Here's an adorable GoPro shot of Khalsa's dog, Kalea, jumping into the water. 

10 of 67 gurustunts/Instagram


Skydiving isn't the only activity that Khalsa likes to capture with his GoPro. Here he is posing for the camera while performing a wheelie on his motorcycle. 

11 of 67 charlesnavillod/Instagram

Waterskiing in France

Here's an action shot of Charles Navillod waterskiing in Tignes, France. 

12 of 67 mountaindarlin/Instagram

Snowboarding selfie

Sarah Murrell, who goes by Ranger Sarah on Instagram, took this incredible action shot as she shredded the fresh powder in Whistler, British Columbia.

13 of 67 thepapdog/Instagram

Speedy skateboarding

Mike Paproski took this awesome action shot while riding his skateboard on the side of a Golden, Colorado, road.

14 of 67 hard9choppers/Instagram

Flying puppy

Danny Schneider said it took four months to build enough trust for his dog, Halo, to jump from a tree into his arms.

15 of 67 S. Alvarez/C. Pedro/Barcroft Image/Barcroft Media via Getty Images


Adventurer Sebastian Alvarez used a GoPro Hero4 to capture Roberta Mancino's wingsuit flight above Chile's very-active Villarrica volcano in 2016. 

16 of 67 Getty Images

Into the maw

Here's another shot from the Roberta Mancino dive. (Not to worry: She landed at the foot of the volcano, not inside the volcano.) 

17 of 67 Karolis Starazinskas/Shutterstock

Northern Lights

This awe-inspiring shot was captured with a GoPro Hero4.

18 of 67 Tomasz Furmanek

Kayaking in Norway

Tomasz Furmanek, a photographer from Norway, has spent years taking photos of the majestic landscape from the seat of his kayak. This photo, from January 2017, was shot in Aurlandsfjord, Norway, using a GoPro 5.

19 of 67 mrod_media/Instagram

Surreal swim

While swimming with his wife, Marcus Rodrigues captured this photo as she headed to the surface in Maui, Hawaii.

20 of 67 mannu1415/Instagram

Bilbo the Shiba Inu

Manu Sainz-Trápaga captured this photo of his Shiba Inu named Bilbo.

21 of 67 criddle___/Instagram

Gap jump

While hiking in Sedona, Arizona, Cole Riddle used GoPro's photo burst mode to capture this courageous gap jump.

22 of 67 Lukas Schulze/Getty Images

Bad moon on the Rhine

What appears to be the surface of the moon is actually Germany's Rhine, circa 2018. On a scorching hot August day, Lukas Schulze used a GoPro Fusion to capture this trippy, 360-degree image of the dried-out riverbed. 

23 of 67 mountaindarlin/Instagram

Enjoying the Skaha Lake view

Here's another GoPro photo from Ranger Sarah. In this picture, Murrell takes in the majestic view of Skaha Lake, located in British Columbia, Canada.

24 of 67 _toddharper/Instagram

Up-close snowboard selfie

Todd Harper took this in-your-face selfie as he snowboarded the slopes in Vail, Colorado.

25 of 67 Ironman/Getty Images

Ironman swimmer

During the 2015 Ironman World Championships, this shot was taken as an athlete competed in the 2.4-mile swim in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

26 of 67 micbergsma/Instagram

Swimming with the fishes

While scuba diving in Cancun, Mexico, Mitch Bergsma found a school of fish to pose with. He used a GoPro Hero 3000 to take this photo.

27 of 67 marshall__miller/Instagram

Skydiving in Utah

Marshall Miller took this picture with his GoPro Hero 5 while skydiving above Utah.

28 of 67 halldor_heglason/Instagram

Midair snowboard selfie

Here's Icelandic snowboarder Halldor Helgason in midair as he used the voice control on the GoPro Hero 5.

29 of 67 harebrainbob/Instagram

Adventure dog

Bob Ward, an aspiring adventure dog photographer, captured this shot while riding his mountain bike with his dog Tula.

30 of 67 GoPro

San Diego night flight

Over the skies of San Diego, Duffy Fainer used GoPro's night exposure setting to capture this awe-inspiring flight.

31 of 67 Yann Guilloton/Facebook

Upside-down skydive

Here's an unbelievable upside down photo of Yann Guilloton skydiving over La Roche-sur-Yon in western France.

32 of 67 nicovuignier/Instagram

Catching cornice

Professional skiier Nicolas Vuignier used his GoPro to catch himself hitting the cornice in the Valais region of the Swiss Alps.

33 of 67 k_wicksy/Instagram

All of the lights

Kyle Wicks put his own spin on a GoPro photo with this illuminating shot. Wicks achieved this photo with his GoPro 4.

34 of 67 ofer_yakov/Instagram

A dirty ride

This cool sand dunes shot of Ofer Yakov won GoPro's photo of the day.

35 of 67 _toddharper/Instagram

Cat selfie

Not all of Todd Harper's incredible GoPro photos are action shots. Here's a cat selfie of Harper's feline friend, Smokie.

36 of 67 lifeofpatot/Instagram

Sunday stroll in Sweden

Arnold Exconde was on a Sunday stroll when he snapped this picture of autumn in Sweden.

37 of 67 eliaseldhart/Instagram

Snowboarding burst mode

Using the Hero 5's 30/3 burst mode, Elias Elhardt captured this elaborate snowboarding sequence.

38 of 67 paul_doppler/Instagram

A high-flying love

Floating above Mount Gaisberg near Salzburg, Austria, Paul Doppler snapped this high-flying GoPro photo.

39 of 67 mikemaholias/Instagram

Camping in Mammoth

Using the Hero 5 Raw setting, Mike Maholias shot this photo of himself trying to keep warm in Mammoth Lakes, California.

40 of 67 brymza/Instagram

Pipe slide

While pulling off a pipe slide, Anton Tkachenko used his GoPro remote to take this selfie using the GoPro's 30/3 burst mode.

41 of 67 ramiroberga/Instagram

A flight at sunset

Ramiro Bergamin shot this photo while on an epic Sunday sunset flight.

42 of 67 GoPro

Flying boat

While riding an inflatable, flying boat, Julian Leon shot this photo with his GoPro in Colombia.

43 of 67 _viliam/Instagram

Chasing waterfalls

Viliam Pischko was caught chasing waterfalls in this photo of the famous Seljalandsfoss of Iceland.

44 of 67 samcornwallphoto/Instagram

Hopping half-pipes

Sam Cornwall snapped this shot of Norwegian skateboarder Tom Erik Ryen as he pulled off a melon grab while skating a half-pipe in Los Angeles.

45 of 67 GoPro

Taj Mahal

Ewa Marta Rakowska took this photo of the Taj Mahal in Agra, India.

46 of 67 channington/Instagram

Hong Kong housing

Ryan Chan took this sweet picture of some Hong Kong housing.

47 of 67 hazelhan.s/Instagram

Roof climbing

In Bunyola, Mallorca, Hazel Han used a GoPro to capture her climb of this stalactite in 2015.

48 of 67 GoPro

The peak

After 17,781 steps, Sarah Long celebrated from the top of Roys Peak, a mountain in New Zealand.

49 of 67 Volvo Ocean Race/Getty Images

Volvo Ocean Race

During the fourth leg of the Volvo Ocean Race, the world's premier ocean yacht competition, this photo was taken using a GoPro in Sanya, China.

50 of 67 borjagalvan/Instagram

Deep blue sea

Here's Borja Galvan in a beautiful underwater shot.

51 of 67 ghetto_luxury/Instagram

The sky is on fire

Here's an exquisite view of the sky in Levi, Finland, shot by James Major.

52 of 67 michielschrauwen/Instagram

Morning hike

During a morning hike to the Marmolada Glacier in Italy, Michiel Schrauwen stopped to take this photo of the sun rising.

53 of 67 whoisyannick/Instagram

Summer sunsets

Using a Hero 5 GoPro, Yannick Henry took this photo of the beautiful summer sunset over the Black River in Mauritius.

54 of 67 GoPro

Enjoying the view

While visiting Skopje, Macedonia, Damjan Petreski rested at a cave entrance in Matka Canyon.

55 of 67 pcamblam/Instagram

Surfing with kites

Paul Cameron snagged this photo by using a kite line mount while catching a wave.

56 of 67 mountaindarlin/Instagram

Ice climbing

Here's another GoPro photo from Sarah Murrell as she does some ice climbing in British Columbia, Canada.

57 of 67 erubes1/Instagram

Hidden caves

Only accessible during low tide, the sea caves at the Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego, California, were captured in this photo by Eric Rubens.

58 of 67 marcbaechtold/Instagram

Sancti Spiritus sunset

Travel blogger Marc Baechtold took this photo of a sunset in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba. Baechtold used single-picture mode on his Hero 5.

59 of 67 fabien_maierhofer/Instagram

Thumbs up for snowboarding

Fabien Maierhofer gave a thumbs up as he shredded the fresh powder at Whistler Blackcomb in Vancouver, British Columbia.

60 of 67 _markfitz/Instagram

Swimming with a sea turtle

Mark Fitz, a professional photographer, snagged this picture of a sea turtle near Queensland, Australia. 

61 of 67 alexcable28/Instagram

Hiking in Stoneleigh

While hiking in Stoneleigh, Queensland, Australia, Alex Cable — a travel blogger — stopped to snap this photo of a house and the sky with his GoPro. 

62 of 67 alexcable28/Instagram

Chasing waterfalls

Here's Cable chilling in front of Silverband Falls, located in the Grampians National Park in Victoria, Australia. 

63 of 67 alexcable28/Instagram

Fireworks over Australia

In 2016, Cable celebrated the new year by capturing the illuminating fireworks over the Sydney Harbour in Australia. 

64 of 67 Getty Images

Ocean spray

Sam Greenfield captured this shot with a GoPro off the coast of China amid the Volvo Ocean Race in 2015. 

65 of 67 Artur Debat/Getty Images

Moving on

Artur Debat used a GoPro Hero3+, to capture this sequenced shot of skateboarders in Barcelona, Spain. 

66 of 67 Karolis Starazinskas/Shutterstock

Green lantern

This is another scene from the Nordic shoot by photographer Karolis Starazinskas.

67 of 67 Jeff Speer/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Zoom, zoom

A GoPro captured the lead cars in the 2018 edition of NASCAR's Pennzoil 400 race. 

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