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HolidayBuyer's Guide

Pebble Steel: Retro-chic waterproof smartwatch

Jawbone Up24: Low-key fitness, sleep tracking

Misfit Shine: Fitness jewelry

Martian Notifier: Classic watch with an added buzz

Withings Pulse O2: Watch or clip-on fitness tracker

Fitbit Zip: Cheap little pedometer

Garmin Vivofit: best battery life in a fitness band

Moto 360: smartwatch of the future

The Pebble Steel, released half a year ago, still has its big advantages: it has 5 ATM waterproof, works with iPhones and Android phones alike, and it can get notifications plus run a lot of apps. You can also save $100 by getting a plastic Pebble that does nearly the same thing.

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If you don't want a watch but still would like some fitness and lifestyle coaching, Jawbone Up24 is the perfect solution. It communicates wirelessly with iOS or Android phones and has a great app for recording sleep, fitness, and even some insight-based daily habits, plus it can connect socially with friends.

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One of the few fitness trackers that can be worn as jewelry, the Misfit Shine can be popped into an attractive neck pendant (sold separately), as well as worn as a band or a clip-on pedometer. It has LED lights that glow to show daily progress as well as the time. It's waterproof, and its battery lasts for months.

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It looks just like an everyday analog watch, but the Martian gets notifications from your phone, and even buzzes in different patterns for each type of message you get. It works with iOS and Android, looks sleek, and costs less than most other smartwatches, too.

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Withings makes digital scales, blood pressure monitors and fitness trackers. The company's Pulse O2 comes with a wristband and belt clip, and the pedometer has a small heart rate monitor for quick on-the-spot measurements. Its battery lasts up to two weeks.

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Fitbit makes one of the best fitness apps out there, and the accurate Fitbit Zip tracks steps and syncs to the app to compete with family and friends. It's easy and affordable.

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The Garmin Vivofit looks a little like a Nike Fuelband, but its battery lasts a whole year before needing replacing. It pairs with chest-worn heart rate bands, too.

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Google's Android Wear for smartwatches might be the most forward-looking wearable tech, but the apps are still in their early days. So is the hardware. The Moto 360's beautiful, big round design is the one to wait for if you're an Android phone owner who wants a show-off smartwatch.

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