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Feature-packed fitness tracking

For $99.95, the Fitbit Flex tracks steps, sleep, and calories you burn. It syncs via wireless Bluetooth connection to iPhones and Samsung Galaxy smartphones as well.

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A watch that eyes your heart

The $199 Basis Band takes fitness tracking to the next level. This timepiece is bristling with sensors to measure everything from heart rate, steps, skin temperature, and even perspiration. As a result the Basis keeps tabs on activity level, sleep, plus syncs over Bluetooth to a companion iPhone or Android app.

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Get up and get happy

Flaunting a comfortable and attractive wristband design, the $129.99 Jawbone Up is meant to be worn 24-7 to track the steps you take and how well you sleep. It also presents helpful health-related insights via companion iOS and Android apps. You can even log and communicate your current mood to see how it mirrors your personal activity.

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Fitness tracking on the cheap

The $59.95 Fitbit Zip smart pedometer is affordable, easy to use, and tracks the steps you take plus calories consumed. Though its clip-style design makes it easier to misplace than wristband gadgets, the Zip offers access to Fitbit's deep data-analysis tools. The device also syncs over Bluetooth to iPhones and Samsung Galaxy handsets.

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Smartwatch for the experiment-curious

The Pebble Watch is now available at Best Buy, if you can get your hands on one. It's not a perfect smartwatch, but the iOS/Android-compatible watch receives notifications and can download custom watchfaces, and it's waterproof to boot. Those who want to make their own watchfaces or apps might find the Pebble a watch worth tinkering with, but the full experience isn't fully baked yet. Of all smartwatches currently out there, the Pebble's probably your best bet.

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Withings Pulse

Tiny and easy to use, the little $99.99 Withings Pulse is a FitBit competitor that sports a sleek look and low profile. It's a pedometer with pulse reader that syncs via Bluetooth to a Withings mobile app, measuring steps taken and distance walked, as well as estimating calories burned and measuring elevation. The bonus: other Withings tools like scales and blood-pressure monitors feed data into the same centralized app. You can slide the little Pulse into an included clip-case or a simple Velcro wristband, which you can wear at night to measure sleep data.

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