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Ion Party Bot

CES is always home to some unusual audio gear and CES 2014 is no exception. We've rounded up some of the more peculiar audio gadgets from the floor, from Bluetooth-friendly pyramids to speaker-watches.

Pictured above is Ion's Party Bot, a robot that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker.

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Bluetooth speaker stool

It may look like an ottoman, but this footrest has a integrated speaker with built-in Bluetooth.

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Pharaoh Speaker by Tosa

So that should blend into any decor.

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Panasonic 'mini system'

Panasonic calls this a "mini system," but it's anything but small, with two giant four-way speakers.

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Speaker toys

These toy cars have a built-in battery, can tune AM/FM radio, and have a miniSD card slot for playing tunes.

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Massive Audio Dalek

Massive Audio, maker of car audio gear, unleashed a full-size Dalek studded with the company's equipment. Massive Audio is advertising the "Massive Dalek" as the world's loudest and largest Bluetooth speaker.

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Bem Wireless Speaker Band


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LG CM9440

LG also showed off a jumbo all-in-one party system, complete with lighting effects and a karaoke mic input.

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Acoustic Research For Her wireless speaker

This handbag-shaped Bluetooth speaker is from Acoustic Research's "AR for her" line, scheduled to come out in the spring.

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Updated:Caption:Photo:Matthew Moskovciak/CNET
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