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AKG cans get twisted

AKG is well known for its pro-audio headphones, but it's got a new line of consumer-focused headphones hitting the States. Many of the higher-end models retain the solid construction of the pro-audio models.
Photo by: Donald Bell/CBS Interactive


The AKG K272HD run around $300, but they're very comfy and boast a frequency range of 16Hz-28KHz.

AKG K450

The AKG K450 come in both Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth versions, retailing around $150.

AKG consumer headphones

AKG is coming out blasting with both barrels.

AKG's high-end earbud

You won't find many headphone manufacturers making high-end earbud-style headphones. AKG's $90 K319 is the exception, combining the comfort of an earbud with a high-quality driver.


JBL is launching two new PC speakers, the Duet II (left) and Duet III (right). The speakers are shielded, pretty to look at, and offer a unique volume knob on the top point of the speaker. They're priced at $99 and $149, respectively.

JBL OnStage 400P

The JBL OnStage 400P is an unassuming but beefy sounding iPod- and iPhone-speaker dock with a downward-firing subwoofer underneath.

JBL OnTime 200P

The JBL OnTime 200P is a new speaker dock and alarm clock made for both the iPod and iPhone.

Incipio plug-in mic for iPod Nano

I just tripped over this thing while waiting in line. Looks like a neat little passive mic connector made for the fourth-generation iPod Nano.
Photo by: Donald Bell/CBS Interactive

Scosche PassPort home dock

The Scosche PassPort home dock is a simple, yet necessary accessory that makes older FireWire-powered iPod docks compatible with newer models of iPods. Owners of older Bose SoundDocks will probably flock to this thing.

Macally HiFiTune

Just a neat, inexpensive ($49) pair of iPhone-compatible headphones offered from Macally. The HiFiTune include a microphone and clicker control, and the design looks impressive, no matter what they might sound like.

Macally iPod car mounts

Need a way to suction your iPod to a window or prop it up in a cup holder? Macally's got you covered.

Macally MyTune and iVoice Pro

The Macally iVoice Pro (right) has been out for awhile apparently, but this is the first I've seen it. The MyTune iPod Nano speaker dock is new for 2009, however. Both are adorable.

Ultimate Ears Metro-Fi 220

The folks at Ultimate Ears were showing off two of their new releases. The Metro-Fi 220 pictured above are a single-driver headphone with a cool design, priced around $100, I believe.

Ultimate Ears Metro-Fi 170

The Ultimate Ears Metro-Fi 170 are a bit cheaper than the 220 (around $70), but offer a similar design.

Nerve Pipes

These things look hideous, but I just had to take a photo.

Blue Microphones Eyeball

The Eyeball is just like the Blue Snowflake I reviewed last year, but with a USB video cam mounted on the side. What a classy way to Skype. MSRP is $99.

Blue Microphones Mikey

The Mikey brings quality stereo recording to the iPod, and it looks cool too. MSRP is $79.

Blue Microphones Mikey and Eyeball

Oh yeah, the boxes are cool, too.

XtremeMac MicroMemo

Yet another iPod voice-memo recorder. I like the boom-style mic, though.

Altec Lansing BackBeat headset

Altec Lansing is getting into the headphone game in a big way, starting with its BackBeat Bluetooth headset. Nice box, guys.

Altec Lansing BackBeat headset

Here you can see the BackBeat's behind-the-neck design (similar to the Jaybirds). You can purchase the BackBeat for $99 (headset only) or $129 (headset and transmitter bundle).

Altec Lansing BackBeat headset

The BackBeat's are comfortable to wear (they look pretty badass, actually), and offer all the typical controls for volume, call answering, and playback. A single charge offers up to 7 hours of talk time.

Altec Lansing BackBeat transmitter

Here's the bundled transmitter that comes with the $129 package. Not much to look at, but it's universal.

Altec Lansing BackBeat headphones

Beyond the BackBeat Bluetooth headset, Altec Lansing is also coming out with a series of cool-looking in-ear headphones, priced at $30, $50, and $80.

Shure PG42 microphone

The folks at Shure showed me a few of their new USB microphones. The company's two new models include a vocal-specific (PG42, pictured) mic and an all-purpose mic (PG27), selling at $249 and $199, respectively.

Shure X2U mic transformer

For those who already have a microphone, the X2U easily converts the signal to USB, allowing you to plug right into your favorite recording application. Controls on the X2U offer gain, volume, pad, and monitor settings.

Shure SE115

Pretty, pretty. Shure's new SE115 headphones are a new spin on the SE110 line, offered at the same $99 price point.


Meet the drop-resistant Moto Z2 Force

The Moto Z2 Force is really thin, with a fast processor and great battery life. It can survive drops without shattering.

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