Revenge of the giant face

Please forgive the close-up. It's not the most flattering pic of me, but I decided to take one for the team just to show you the level of fine detail the Asus Transformer Pad TF300's 8-megapixel camera is capable of capturing. The nose knows, guys, so you can obviously trust me on this.
Photo by: Donald Bell/CNET

It's a trap!

A photo trap, that is. Admiral Sackbar hates being photographed, but he's so much more photogenic than I am, I just had to.
Photo by: Donald Bell/CNET

A demon of the ancient world

This pic not only demonstrates the camera's detail-capturing abilities, but its skills at capturing accurate contrast as well. Also, demons are cool. At least according to most '70s rock album covers.
Photo by: Eric Franklin/CNET

Bumpy stick

The Transformer Prime's camera had trouble capturing this shot with as much detail.
Photo by: Eric Franklin/CNET

Foxy pic

If you're familiar with the Transformer Prime review, then you've seen our foxy friend here before. He's captured again here, but even more beautifully. Also, I heard he names names, so I had to stifle him.
Photo by: Eric Franklin/CNET


Contrast! Optimus goes noir!
Photo by: Eric Franklin/CNET

What's he so flippin' happy about?

Always mocking. Always judging. Mike the droid will soon learn his place.
Photo by: Eric Franklin/CNET

Dials and doodads

Even to a child of the '70s like me, this looks incredibly old-timey. (Is not part of the Transformer Pad TF300.)
Photo by: Eric Franklin/CNET


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