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Asus Eee Pad Memo, Slider, Transformer and Eee Slate EP121 hands-on photos

Asus has announced three new Android tablets and one Windows 7 tablet at this year's CES in Las Vegas. Crave goes hands-on to see what all the fuss is about...

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Asus has really gone to town at this year's CES, showing off four spangly new tablets. The Eee Pad Memo, Slider and Transformer are Android devices, all running the tablet-specific 3.0 Honeycomb edition, while the Eee Slate EP121 uses Windows 7. Crave has given all four the hands-on treatment, so we thought we'd treat you to a stack of lovely photos. Click through the photos above to check them out.

The Slider has a 10.1-inch capacitive touchscreen, it has a full keyboard that slides out from behind the display. We had a fiddle with it, and while we're not totally convinced that tablets with physical keyboards are the future long-term, this is a cool implementation. The keyboard itself felt comfortable to type on, and our only reservation is that the keys themselves are a little on the small side.

Those used to PC or Mac typing will also have to get used to the lack of keyboard shortcuts -- Android isn't built for physical keyboards. Still, this is one good-looking tablet, as our photos aptly demonstrate.

The Transformer is another 10.1-inch tablet that gets physical, but in a slightly different way. Rather than sporting a slide-out keyboard, the Transformer is a tablet that plugs into an optional physical keyboard dock, for when you need to get some serious text-entry done. You'll be able to buy the Transformer with or without the keyboard attachment, so if you just fancy a nice big tablet without the keyboard-frippery, your needs are catered for.

The Eee Slate EP121 is pretty massive, sporting a 12.1-inch touchscreen, and running Windows 7. It comes with a stylus, but don't panic -- it's not necessary, it's only used for sketching out pictures or for making notes. The screen is capacitive so your squashy human fingers will do the job just as well.

The Memo is a 7-inch tablet that will arrive later in the year, running Android 3.0. We've already written up an in-depth preview of the Memo, so when you're done feasting your eyes on these beauties, head on over there to hear what we thought. 

All in all it's a decent offering from Asus -- all four tablets feel well built and look great. We're particularly excited about the Memo, and the other Android tablets which will come packing Android 3.0 Honeycomb when they hit the shops later in the year. Stay tuned for more info...

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This is the Memo. It's really light and good looking.
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Side view.
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The Memo comes with a stylus, but your fingers will work just as well.
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The Memo will run Android 3.0.
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This is the Slider, a 10.1-inch tablet with a secret...
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It slides open to reveal a keyboard.
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Side view.
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The keyboard does bulk the Slider out a little bit.
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This is the Transformer, a tablet in disguise...
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The tablet and keyboard detach.
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Here's the keyboard detached.
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Side view of the Transformer without keyboard.
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And the two parts together with the lid closed.
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Button detail on the Transformer.
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This is the Eee Slate EP121, which runs Windows 7.
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Side view of the EP121.
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A stylus is hidden inside.

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