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Zines on demand

Inspired by Art-o-Mat art machines in the U.S., Distroboto is a network of vending machines in Montreal.

The machines once sold cigarettes, but now they sell self-produced, small-press zines like these. Buyers can choose between short story collections, graphic novels, and other works.

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All the art sold in Distroboto machines is displayed in the old-time plastic buttons, which used to advertise tobacco. You don't know exactly what you'll get, but that's part of the fun.

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The Apollo

There are now 12 Distroboto machines in Montreal cafes, bars, and libraries. They're old Smokeshop Apollo vending machines from the 1960s that have been saved from the junkyard.

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Pack o' smokes

Creations like these pins themed on the Montreal subway come wrapped in old newspaper and cigarette packages. Otherwise the vending machine wouldn't be able to dispense them. Buyers leave the packaging in a box by the machine.

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Art for sale

For $2, Distroboto machines sell works such as this mix tape, fridge magnet, and fold-out art. See more creations here.

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