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Following up its lacklustre Archos 10 netbook, the French PMP maker has decided 9-inch tablet computers running a full-blown Windows 7 installation is the way forward. And we've got to admit, that's new.

The grammatically questionable Archos 9pctablet is powered by an Intel Atom Z515 CPU, coupled with up to 120GB of hard-disk storage and Wi-Fi. With built-in DVB-T antennas it should pick up and record UK Freeview TV no problem. A 12-inch version will launch in 2010, but this 9-inch model goes in sale in the UK in the autumn, with prices still to be announced.

The important question is why would you want a tablet? The Archos 7 is essentially a tablet, but Archos pulled it off by giving it a media-centric custom OS built to be used on a touchscreen, and it worked well. Our own PC editor Rory Reid claims using tablets is essentially "like using a disabled PC", which while arguably true, isn't very PC at all*. But we shall not judge until we use.

Also announced at a recent Archos event in France was the Archos 10s and 13s netbook/mini PC/laptop models. The 10s is a thin little 10.2-inch netbook, running Windows XP atop an Intel Atom 1.6GHz chip, 1GB of RAM, an 80GB hard disk, with either a questionably low-capacity three-cell battery, or a slightly better six-cell option. A bunch of free software comes pre-loaded for you to have immediate fun uninstalling upon purchase, and while all very average in netbook terms, will probably bode well with the patriotic types in France

The Archos 13s is more interesting. It's a 13.3-inch ultra-portable, powered by Intel's 'Ultra Low Voltage' Celeron CPU, which should offer decent battery performance over many 13.3-inch models. It's got the latest Wi-Fi technology (802.11n), an LED-backlit screen, HDMI output and 160GB of hard disk space. It's also an impressive 27mm thick. It'll be available at the end of the summer, with prices yet to be announced.

For a review on the current Archos netbook, check out Rory's take here. Pictures of the Archos 10s and 13s over the page.

*This joke brought to you by Rich Trenholm. For more outstandingly witty remarks, join Rich on an adventure through metaphore, quip and parody on The Official Rich Trenholm Blog.

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The Archos 10s. Anti-gravity is an optional extra, we understand.

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The Archos 13s.

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