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Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD

Designed specifically to show off the iPad 2's graphics muscle, arcade racer Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD features real-time reflections, lighting, and shadows, improved draw distance, motion blur, and other eye-pleasing effects.
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Dead Space

Already a looker on the iPad 1, the newly updated version of Dead Space offers "visceral graphics enhanced for the iPad 2." Translation: it's even prettier. If you're a fan of the survival-horror genre, this is one game that's guaranteed to please--and frighten.
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Like its iPhone 4/iPod Touch counterpart, Apple's movie-making app lets you record, edit, and publish movies right from your iPad 2. And only the iPad version offers the Multi-Touch Precision Editor--which, one assumes, allows for precision edits via multitouch.
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Already a mega-popular iPhone app, IncrediBooth turns your iPad into an old-school photo booth, creating nifty photo strips with your choice of retro effects. Finished strips can be shared via e-mail and Facebook.
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Infinity Blade

Already know for being one of the prettiest iPad games to date, Infinity Blade is now even more gorgeous, with "high-resolution graphics that utilize the enhanced visual capabilities of the iPad 2." The update also delivers new enemies, new magic items to collect, and other new content.
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Real Racing 2 HD

Unlike the arcade-inspired Asphalt 6, Real Racing 2 HD tries hard to simulate real-world action--right down to its 30 licensed cars. It's not only visually optimized for the iPad 2, but also gyroscope-enabled to provide more realistic handling.
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Two-way group videoconferencing. Need I say more? Cisco's WebEx app is like FaceTime on steroids, offering not only iPad camera-powered video calling, but also content sharing, chat, multiple participants, and even dynamic video-switching (the view changes depending on who's talking). The only bummer: WebEx requires Wi-Fi, just like FaceTime.
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