Appliances of the rich and stylish

I took a stroll through the Architectural Digest's annual show in New York City to feast my eyes on all the latest in high-end gear for the home.

Sarah Tew
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Sarah Tew
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The Urban Cultivator

The Urban Cultivator takes growing your own organic sprouts to a whole new level. For $2,500 you can have this sleek looking appliance automatically water and light four trays of typically expensive microgreens at a time while looking pretty cool in your kitchen. Note that it requires plumbing at the point of installation.

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Captured Lightning

Plexi Craft displayed this intriguing sculpture-ish lamp of sorts called Captured Lightning. Also known as Lichtenberg figures, these are created by trapping millions of volts of electrical charge inside clear acrylic using a high-energy particle accelerator. Lit from the frame at the bottom, the resulting fractures in the plexiglass look like lightning.

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Elizabeth Goldfeder one-way mirrors

Elizabeth Goldfeder spent much of her career in high-end custom art framing. She now sells customized one-way mirrors that cover up your flat-panel television when not in use, through her company Reflectel. Select from a variety of frame styles to match your decor and she will custom-build a tasteful cover for any size screen.

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Ilve Majestic Range cooktop

Ilve's new Majestic 36-inch Range collection mixes the modernity of an induction cooktop with a playful look using custom color finishing and vintage-style chrome knobs.

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Cesar's modular island system

If you prefer your range built into a countertop surface, check out Cesar's modular island system.

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'Central Park Table' by JM Lifestyles

From a distance it looks like a big wooden slab-type table, but as you approach you notice it hosts a miniature pond complete with goldfish. This $12,000 custom "Central Park Table" by JM Lifestyles is made of "WoodForm Concrete" and is probably heavier than you can imagine.

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Santorini copper tub by Native Trails

Native Trails caught my eye with its hammered copper tub, called the Santorini. It's only $9,000, which is cheap compared to the brushed nickel finish at $13,300. Don't you want one?

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Hearth Cabinet ventless fireplace

Hearth Cabinet's ventless fireplaces are approved for installation in NYC apartments. Enjoy up to two hours of fire with each alcohol gel cartridge you place inside. This corner unit retails for $10, 000.

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Dacor Wi-Fi-enabled fridge

Dacor's new Wi-Fi-enabled refrigeration systems are available as "panel-ready," for customized finishing to match your kitchen as seen here, or in silver or graphite metal stainless steel. The freezer and fridge columns are available in four sizes from 18 inches through 36 inches.

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Dacor Dual Fuel Pro Steam Range

Dacor was also eager to show off its new Modernist Collection 48-inch Dual Fuel Pro Steam Range with a touch control panel. This model has a matching wall mount hood that connects to the range via Bluetooth so it automatically turns on and off when the range is in use.

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Trufig fascias

Trufig makes fascias that are embedded to be flush with your wall so they can be easily hidden with matching faux-finishing to blend in with anything from wallpaper, tile, metal, wood or marble. It also makes elegant speaker and vent plates to be installed flush with your wall or floor, too.

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Wine Column by Perlick

Perlick's new Wine Column, shown here, is for true connoisseurs. It can stow your whites in one section and reds in another.

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Heston grill

Elevate your barbecue to the next level with the Heston grill. It will set you back a mere $12,000.

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Bluestar ovens

Bluestar, from Reading, Pennsylvania, makes high end customizable ovens, ranges, and more -- choose from 750 colors and 12 metal trims.

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EB333610 by Gaggenau

Gaggenau's EB333610 is a slick redesign of its iconic model, retailing at $8,599. It features scrollwheels and a single stainless panel on the front. This bread smelled amazing: The company brought a master chef from France for its demo at the show.

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SU-DD3 TCl from Sirius

I had never seen anything like this but apparently Side-Mounted Downdrafts are a thing. In case you have your range in an island and can't install a ceiling-mounted hood, this SU-DD3 TCl from Sirius can pop up from the side of your range. When not in use it pops back into your counter. I learn something new every day here.

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Stil spa system

Bullfrong Spas has made a very modern spa system called the Stil complete with modular jet seat panels that you can select from when you order. Using a connected app you can even control the temperature of your jacuzzi. So, you know, when you're on your private plane en route to one of your vacation homes you can heat up the jacuzzi so it's ready for a dip as soon as you arrive. This can be yours for the low price of $16,000.

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Smeg kitchenette

Always a head-turner, Smeg's matching retro yellow kitchenette got my attention.

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Hand-painted Smeg fridge

Little did I know, Smeg also sells limited edition Dolce & Gabanna versions of its vintage-looking fridge. This is hand-painted by Gianfranco Fiore. There are 100 of them and they go for $50,000 each. This woman's job was to prevent people like me from walking up and touching the fridge. (It's OK, I only touched the handle before she stopped me.)

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True Refrigeration columns

True Refrigeration was showing off its new 30-inch columns, available in a variety of styles. I guess this whole "column" business is what it's all about in custom-designed kitchens. I have only ever had "a refrigerator," and a pretty old one at that. If you thought LG and Samsung were making fancy fridges, welcome to the world of columns.

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Miele's Fashionmaster Ironing and Steaming system

I could watch this guy demonstrate Miele's $2500 Fashionmaster Ironing and Steaming system for hours, nay, minutes.

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