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Time for the Apple Watch

Long awaited and much lauded, the Apple Watch has conquered an enviable share of the wearables market this year. It's appeared on many a celebrity wrist. Still unclear, however, is whether the timepiece will have the kind of impact on the world that the iPhone and iPad did.

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Yep, another iPhone. And people still want it

Another year, another iPhone. The high-end iPhone 6S came with internal upgrades, a new rose-gold (pink) color option and 3D Touch, a pressure-sensitive display that performs different tasks depending on how hard you press on the screen. That was enough to keep the lines forming in front of Apple Stores worldwide.

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Another step toward owning your living room

It's said that the best things come in small packages, an adage that's mostly true when it comes to home entertainment. The updated Apple TV, the first revamped model in three years, throws in Siri and a touch-enabled remote control.

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Continuing its green mission

As part of its wider mission to make its business more sustainable, Apple bought forests in the US and China in 2015 to improve forestry management and protect against illegal deforestation. The company has prioritized its strategy to increase reliance on renewable energy sources to run its offices, factories and stores across multiple countries.

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Did Apple Music strike the right chord?

Apple Music tempted users with a free three-month trial, and at least 6.5 million subscribers decided to stick around to pay for the service, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook. It even managed to strike up a new romance when it persuaded known streaming-service hater Taylor Swift to get on board, with her whole back catalogue in tow. It hasn't been all good, as some users slammed the service for messing with their personal music libraries.

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MacBook shows thinness obsession

Apple has always pushed for smaller and sleeker, and it went a step further with the svelte MacBook. It may be too minimalist for its own good, with only a single USB Type C port to connect your power and other accessories. That problem gets bigger when you consider that most companies don't yet make devices that utilize a Type C connector.

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Supersizing the iPad

Will professionals flock to the iPad Pro? Apple decided to supersize its tablet screen to 12.9 inches in hopes of attracting a new type of buyer. It's going after the same market that Microsoft has successfully targeted with its Surface Pro franchise. CNET's review called the iPad Pro a "dream machine" for graphics.

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A new way to handle your smartphone

Apple's 3D Touch was the only real new feature of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. The display for the new phones is sensitive to how forcefully you press down, so it will do different things based on your pressure. It adds a layer of interactivity with your smartphone, although not every app takes advantage of it.

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