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The 17 products that Apple's iPhone laid to rest

As Apple's revolutionary phone turns 15, we look back at everything it vaporized.

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Goodbye, old friends

Thanks to Apple's iPhone, many of your favorite devices have died and gone to gadget heaven. Consider this gallery a memorial service.

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Need a stopwatch or a timer? iPhone does that.

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Point-and-shoot cameras

Point-and-shoots enabled everyone to carry a camera. But Apple has steadily improved the iPhone's camera, and there's no longer a need for these pocket devices.

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Video cameras

iPhone does photos -- and video too. Adios, camcorder.

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Personal digital assistants

Personal digital assistants, or PDAs, were once the must-have pocket organizer, with notes, contacts and calendars. All that's now in your phone.

6 of 18 Josh Miller/CNET


Who needs a separate calculator when you've got a virtual one on your phone? Still, those clunky old Texas Instruments math gadgets did have a certain retro charm.

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GPS devices

In-car GPS units finally let us get where we were going without paper maps. Now phones let us get where we're going without in-car GPSes.

8 of 18 James Martin/CNET


Apple may have contributed to the decline in traditional wristwatches, but more recently, with its iPhone-derived smartwatch, the company has also helped redefine what a watch can be.

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iPods and music players

In the '80s, a Walkman could play an entire album. Then iPods held hundreds of songs. Now thousands of songs can be had right on your phone.

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It may not be as glamorous as a Muppet wall calendar, but your phone's scheduling setup makes things easy, and portable.

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Always kept a paperback book handy, to read during your commute? With the iPhone, you can carry hundreds, or even thousands, of books.

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Even as long ago as 2008, nearly three in 10 US households didn't have a landline. By 2014, 48 percent of people had a landline and a cell phone and 41 percent had just a cell phone. Roll over, Alexander Graham Bell.

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You don't need any bound, printed matter when you've got an iPhone. Unless, of course, you're looking to swat a mosquito.

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Paper maps

Need to know where you are and where you're going? The iPhone put a map of the world right in your pocket.

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Alarm clocks

The iPhone can wake you up just as well as an alarm clock can. You should probably think twice about hurling it across the room though.

16 of 18 Scott Stein/CNET

Portable gaming

Dedicated portable gaming systems like the Nintendo Switch are still around, but for many people, the iPhone is the fastest and cheapest way to play a fun game on the go.

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Audio recorders

Audio recorders that were once the size of iPhones are now integrated into your handset.

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The iPhone isn't as unwieldy as a newspaper. It's also far more up to date and won't leave ink on your fingers. It's not so great at lining a birdcage, however.

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