The iPhone 3G S has landed and the official pics are in! Prepare to wet your pants with excitement with this official photo gallery of the new Jesus Phone.

Click through the gallery above to admire the upgraded model in all its glory -- let us know if you're planning to buy it next week in the comments below.

A digital compass shows you which way North is -- we hope and pray this ties in with the built-in maps.
Voice control lets you play a certain album or artist, or make a call, using just your voice.
The fabled, much-desired copy and paste function at work.
You get some basic video-editing functions on the new iPhone 3G S, such as trimming the length of a clip.
That's the front of the iPhone 3G S, folks.
The front and the back of the phone. We're spoiling you, we know.
Everything combined together in one handy picture. We could have put this one first, we guess, but that would have been cheating, wouldn't it?
The iPhone 3G S in white, especially for our lovely commenter named MuffinWrath (great username, by the way).
White iPhone 3G S from the side.
Finally, the white iPhone 3G S slightly turned to the side, with the screen on.


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