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Anti-war demonstrators brought the West End to a standstill this weekend, with placards calling for an end to the madness -- the madness of war betwixt bird and pig, in mobile game Angry Birds.

Yes, forget student tuition fees, human rights abuses or the war in Afghanistan, because Angry Birds is one year old. To celebrate, fans of Rovio's smash-hit game gathered in London for a day of swine and fowl-themed activities.

A flash mob of Angry Birds fans froze in place in Covent Garden, each proudly bearing a banner and Angry Bird plush toy. The group then marched around the West End, spreading their message of peace, hope and avian-porcine reconciliation to tourists and Christmas shoppers.

Along the way, the growing flashmob visited tourist hotspots including Trafalgar Square and showed solidarity with other protests taking place nearby, before taking the protest right to the top with a demonstration at Downing Street.

What a year it's been for our fine feathered friends. It was one of the highest-grossing games of 2010 for the iPhone and iPad, exploded on to Android phones, launched a festive version -- and could even be catapulted on to the big screen with a rumoured Angry Birds movie.

Were you there? Tell us in the comments what was the highlight of your day. And to take your Angry Birds gaming to the next level, check out our Angry Birds tips to get more from your arsenal with our guide to every bird.

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Angry Birds fans of all ages joined the party.
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Covent Garden was brought to a standstill when Angry Birds came calling.
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