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Google often sticks a fun Easter egg in versions of Android, and its newest edition -- Jelly Bean -- is no different. Click through the snaps above to see what geeky treats await in Android 4.1.

Here's how to trigger the entertainment. Tap Settings on your Android 4.1 device, then navigate down to 'about phone' or 'about device'. Tap that, then you should see a bunch of information about your gadget.

Take a peek at the Android version, which will read 4.1. Tap that line of writing repeatedly and at speed, and you'll trigger the Easter egg -- a smiling, happy robot-lookin' Jelly Bean. D'aww!

But that's not all. Hold your finger down on that chubby, cheery little jelly bean, and he'll change into a whole screen o' beans, which float lazily around the display in a devil-may-care fashion.

You can send them flying off screen with a flick of your finger, making this nerdy treat the perfect way to waste 30 seconds if you don't have Angry Birds installed.

If you don't have Jelly Bean running on your Android kit (and nobody does yet, so don't feel bad), you can find similar treats in older versions. Ice Cream Sandwich owners get a flying, pixellated treat, while those running Gingerbread get a slightly eerie painting. Those running Android 3.0 Honeycomb can enjoy a Tron-style Android bee.

Floating cartoon confectionery isn't the only new feature in Android 4.1. Google Now is a tile-based personal assistant, while widgets and voice search have been tweaked as well. Be sure to examine our ultimate guide to Android Jelly Bean for info on all the new features.

Have you spotted any charming Android tips and tricks? Let me know in the comments or on our Facebook wall.

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Tap the software number repeatedly and at speed...

of 5 reveal this cheery chap! Hold your finger on him for a moment...

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...and ta-da! Colourful floating Jelly Beans.

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You can flick them around too -- a process that's oddly hypnotic. Good job, Google.

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