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What do you get if you cross a honey bee with an Android? Internet buzz! Google has unveiled the official logo for version 3.0 of the Android mobile operating system, codenamed Honeycomb.

The glowing cybernetic bee sports blue stripes, an ethereal glow and a definite sting. It's by far the slickest Android logo so far: click through our photos above to see previous versions, including our own cack-handed attempts.

Android 3.0 Honeycomb is packed with new whistles and bells. It's the first version of Android with features specifically designed for tablets, with new 3D effects and viewing options that take advantage of a tablet's larger screen.

Honeycomb will make its debut on the Motorola Xoom tablet some time in spring. It'll then show up in a slew of tablets, from the HTC Scribe and Toshiba tablet, to the Asus Eee Pad Transformer, Slider and MeMo. Honeycomb will be followed later this year by Ice Cream Sandwich.

Each update has been named alphabetically after a tasty treat, from Cupcake and Donut to Eclair, Froyo and Gingerbread. Each current version gets a statue on the lawn of the Googleplex, the Big G's nerve centre in Mountain View, California.

Like the rest of the operating system, the Android logo is open source, so you can remake/remodel it to your heart's content. Download it from

Which is your favourite Android logo? Let us know in the comments or join the Crave hive mind on our Facebook wall -- decent bee/robot jokes also welcomed.

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And here's our Honeycomb logo.
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The cutesy official cupcake logo, so on-trend for 2009.
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The calorific donut logo.
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The tasty, tasty eclair logo.
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Here's our attempt at a Gingerbread Android.
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The official version is much camper. Bowties are cool.
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Jumpers for goalposts, and a 99 in the park. It's the CNET UK ice cream-themed logo -- roll on summer!
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