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Giant inflatable unicorn

Men Oil

Whoa dude

Pet window

So many worms

'80s costume

Reflective owls

So many cat toys

Beard balm

Bear spray

Rodent spray

Dog booster seat

Scary stuffed dog

Glow-in-the-dark pebbles

Mermaid tail

Doggie diapers

Sharpen your chainsaw

Tiger shower curtain

Giant duck

Stretch your toes

You came for the discounted electronics, but you bought a 9-foot-long inflatable unicorn instead. Welcome to the wackier side of Amazon Prime Day. Just remember some of these deals may be expired by the time you click on them. 

This rainbow-maned pool float will let you drift away to a mythological fantasy world of your own making.

Caption by / Photo by Amazon

From the sketchy-as-hell department of Amazon Prime Day comes this deal titled "Pheromones For Men Pheromone Cologne Oil [Attract Women] - Bold, Extra Strength Human Pheromones Formula by RawChemistry." 

This Prime Day lightning deal product promises to appeal to women's sexual receptors. One happy reviewer says the scent reminds him of apples. 

Caption by / Photo by Amazon

Flash back to your Phish-worshiping college days with this trippy tapestry, on sale for Amazon Prime Day. It has an equally fantastic product name: "JaipurHandloom Twin Blue Tie Dye Purple Burning Sun Tapestry, Celestial Sun Moon Planet Bohemian Tapestry Tapestry Tapestry Wall Hanging Boho Tapestry Hippie Hippy Tapestry Beach Coverlet Curtain."

Caption by / Photo by Amazon

Give your pooch a view to the outside world with this bubble-shaped PetPeek Fence Window, available during Amazon Prime Day. This looks like it would be just as exciting for passersby as it would be for your pup.

Caption by / Photo by Amazon

Got any plans for the next week? No? Good. You can sit down and eat all 5 pounds of the sour gummi worms you bought during Amazon Prime Day.

Caption by / Photo by Amazon

Head back to the go-go days of the '80s with this Prime Day deal for neon accessories from JustinCostume. Slip on the fishnet gloves, pull on the leg warmers and dance your heart out to Olivia Newton-John singing "Physical."

Caption by / Photo by Amazon

When you woke up this morning, I bet you were thinking, "Gosh, I sure hope those reflective hanging owls are on sale for Prime Day!" Lucky you! These owls are meant to hang around your garden or patio to scare birds and pests away with their reflective look. 

Caption by / Photo by Amazon

How many cat toys is too many? Trick question! You can never have too many cat toys, even if you don't have cats. This Prime Day deal of Fashion's Talk cat toys includes 20 items with catnip, fluffy bits and crinkly things leading the charge.

Caption by / Photo by Amazon

Treat your magnificent beard right with this Prime Day discounted Premium Beard Balm. It smells like cedarwood, tames your wild whiskers and makes your chin shrubbery more manageable. 

Caption by / Photo by Amazon

If you're anticipating running into a bear sometime soon, then you might want to jump on the Prime Day deal for Frontiersman Bear Spray. If you never leave your comfortable urban surroundings, then you'll probably want to pass on this bargain.

Caption by / Photo by Amazon

We've already seen bear spray among the Amazon Prime Day deals for 2017. Now let's head to the other end of the mammal size chart with this bottle of rodent spray from a brand called Pest Soldier. It contains essential oils meant to repel all kinds of mice.

Caption by / Photo by Amazon

Your small pooch loves to ride in the car, but he leaves fur everywhere. That's where this Prime Day deal for a deluxe dog booster car seat comes in. That pug in the pic certainly appears thrilled about going for a ride.

Caption by / Photo by Amazon

Oh, that's cute! Wait a minute...what happened? This Feisty Pets stuffed dog is named Sammy Suckerpunch and it goes from adorable to dangerous with a squeeze. 

Caption by / Photo by Amazon

These might look like jelly beans, but they're actually a set of 100 glow-in-the-dark pebbles. The manufacturer suggests scattering them around outside for landscape lighting. Prime Day shoppers should just be aware Amazon reviewers aren't very fond of these, calling them dim. 

Caption by / Photo by Amazon

Turn your kid into a merperson with this crocheted mermaid-tail blanket, one of Amazon's more whimsical Prime Day lightning deals. Could we get this in adult sizes, please?

Caption by / Photo by Amazon

There are quite a few pet products tucked into Amazon's Prime Day deals, including these OUT! Disposable Male Wraps (a euphemism for doggie diapers). The dog on the packaging certainly looks happy.

Caption by / Photo by Amazon

If you ever wanted to try your hand at sharpening your own chainsaw, this discounted Prime Day chainsaw sharpener file kit is the deal for you. 

Caption by / Photo by Amazon

Your shower is so fierce, it deserves a pacing-tiger shower curtain, which you can pick up on sale during Amazon Prime Day. Just be careful about wandering into your bathroom at night. It might scare you.

Caption by / Photo by Amazon

This sunglasses-sporting pool float features cup holders and handles and deserves a special place in your nightmares. Pick this up on Prime Day along with the giant inflatable unicorn and you could enact some epic pool battles.

Caption by / Photo by Amazon

These toe stretchers are among the hodgepodge of health products on sale during Amazon Prime Day. 

Caption by / Photo by Amazon
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