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Amazon Echo Dot cases: The good, the bad and the horse

You don't need a case for your Echo Dot smart speaker, but if you want one, you've sure got some interesting options.


Ry Crist

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Amazon's Echo Dot is a puck-sized version of the Alexa-enabled Echo smart speaker. It's been a consistent best-seller since its debut in 2015, and that popularity has helped fuel all sorts of third-party accessories from merchants eager to cash in on Alexa's bandwagon. 

Many of these merchants follow the smart phone playbook and offer protective cases for the Echo Dot. That might seem a bit redundant given that the Dot is an inexpensive, stationary device that's already encased in plastic, but the real aim here is aesthetics. The Dot will probably have a prominent spot in your bedroom or living room -- why not spruce up the design a little bit?

Let's start with the basics: Amazon's own generic Echo Dot cases. They're available in six different colors -- three made from nylon woven fabric and another three made from leather-wrapped plastic. They're cheap, but stylish. I use the blue version pictured here for my own Echo Dot at home.

Fabric: $10 on Amazon

Leather: $15 on Amazon

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Alexa who?

A company called Lyasi offers this ceramic, owl-shaped case that fits both the first and second-gen Echo Dots.

$20 on Amazon

3 of 16 Amazon


If the owl's a bit too kitsch for your tastes, how about this sinister-looking skull?

$19 on Amazon

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Puzzling design

Little Artisan, the seller who makes that skull case, also offers a Rubik's Cube-themed case. Don't ask me what Alexa has to do with Rubik's Cubes, but hey, why not?

$20 on Amazon

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Squaring the circle

For something just as blocky but a lot less colorful, consider this wooden stand from Kaizen Woodworks. It's a little bulky for my tastes, and it doesn't appear to allow much room for the sound to escape out the bottom of the speaker, but it's good for a rustic sort of vibe, I suppose.

$21 on Amazon

6 of 16 Amazon

More well-rounded

On the other hand, I actually think this wooden case from Piqiu looks really nice. It comes in a variety of finishes, too.

$19 on Amazon

7 of 16 Etsy

3D-printed protection

This 3D printed plastic case elevates your Echo by a couple of millimeters, which might be handy if you're prone to spilling your coffee.

$12 on Etsy

8 of 16 Amazon

Alexa on a pedestal

This stand from X-Super elevates the Dot even higher, if that's what you're after.

$10 on Amazon

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Dangling the Dot

Of course, if you really want to get Alexa up off of your tabletop, why not hang her up on the wall? That's exactly what the Spot Outlet Wall Mount Hanger Stand offers. It even features a clever design that hangs the Dot from its own plug -- no drilling required.

$14 on Amazon

10 of 16 Amazon

Wall Genie

The Wall Genie takes things further with a design that hides the wiring entirely. You'll need to hammer a drywall anchor into your wall, though.

$20 on Amazon

11 of 16 Amazon

Alexa in a 'clock'

Meanwhile, this wall mount plants the Dot in the center of a clock -- although it doesn't appear that the clock is actually functional, and it doesn't do anything to hide the wiring. Good idea, questionable execution.

$10 on Amazon

12 of 16 Etsy

Alexa in the kitchen

This elevated mount is designed to dangle the Dot beneath your kitchen cupboards, which might help you free up a little bit of counter space if you enjoy using Alexa as you cook.

$15 on Etsy

13 of 16 Amazon

Wrap it up

These Echo Dot sleeves from Meffort come in a variety of designs, and might make a nice add-on if you're getting Grandma a Dot for her birthday.

$9 on Amazon

14 of 16 Amazon

Fintie cases

These "premium vegan leather" (read: synthetic leather) cases from Fintie also come in a wide assortment of colors and patterns, and they cost just 10 bucks each. Gotta say, though, the protective fabric over the top seems, well, a little over the top.

$10 on Amazon

15 of 16 Etsy

ANSCO Shur Shot Special Camera

If a sleeve seems too obvious for your tastes, then consider this hipster-friendly camera case. It's made from an actual, upcycled vintage camera.

$80 on Etsy

16 of 16 Amazon

Unbridled spirit

The CNET Smart Home is located in Louisville, Kentucky, home of the Kentucky Derby. That's why it only seemed fitting to splurge on this majestic, horse-shaped holder for the Echo and Echo Dot. We've already got a spot on the mantle picked out for it.

$22 on Amazon

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