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Eta Carina (Narrow Band)

Astrophotography isn't a field you hear about every day; it takes patience, precision and dedication to produce stunning images.

In July 2010, the Central West Astronomical Society (CWAS) hosted a competition inviting entries from photographers and astronomers. The following photographs were all entered into the David Malin Awards, named after Australia's most prestigious astrophotographer, David Malin.

The 2010 competition had six categories, ranging from Deep Sky, Solar System to video. Images and videos were judged on the basis of artistic merit and their ability to capture the "intrinsic interest of astronomy".

To see more of these images, head to the 2010 CWAS Astrophotography competition page.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Luke Dodd
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Celestial Fireworks

Overall winner

Exposure: Takahashi FSQ-106ED refractor (telescope). SBIG STL-11000M 35mm CCD camera @ 16 hours

Updated:Caption:Photo:Jason Jennings
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Near and Far

The Corona Australis Nebula and NGC 6723

Updated:Caption:Photo:Marcus Davies
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New Moon Occults the Pleiades

Winner of the Solar System: Wide Field category

Exposure: Canon 1000D unmodified prime focus through an Orion ED80 refractor on tracking EQ5 mount. ISO 400 @ 8 seconds

Updated:Caption:Photo:Vincent Miu
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Murray River Moonrise

Exposure: Nikon D3s, Tokina 12-24mm lens, 17mm, f/4, 3200 ISO @ 15 sec with minor adjustments in Photoshop

Updated:Caption:Photo:Wayne England
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A Scrum in Space

Updated:Photo:Tim Carruthers
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Long Jetty Under Moonlight

Updated:Photo:Mike Salway
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The Green Visitor

Updated:Photo:Richard Higby
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Witch's Head Nebula — IC2118

Updated:Photo:Max Kilmister
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