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Amazing photos taken on the Samsung Galaxy S9

These beautiful photos were all taken with the same model of smartphone.

Lance Cartelli
1 of 26 @hannahquon/Instagram


The Samsung Galaxy S9 takes astonishing photos. Here are our favorites. 

Instagrammer Hannah Quon took this beautiful photo of tulips with her Samsung S9. 

2 of 26 @selenam.garza/Instagram

Lemon Festival

Selena Garza shot this photo of a Lemon Festival in California. 

3 of 26 @selenam.garza/Instagram

Bee-utiful shot

Garza also snagged this stylish photo of a bee buzzing around. 

4 of 26 @francoisbouch/Instagram

Phare du Petit Minou

Francois Bouch took this shot of the lighthouse at Phare du Petit Minou in Finistere, France. 

5 of 26 @lphaskell/Instagram

The Cable Beach pier

One Samsung user, Louis Haskell, has taken some great shots with his S9 that we'll show you here. This shot is below the pier at Cable Beach in the Bahamas. 

6 of 26 @lphaskell/Instagram


Posing for a photo by Haskell, this squirrel is nibbling on some food. 

7 of 26 @lphaskell/Instagram

Kingston upon Thames

Check out the sun beaming through the clouds over Kingston, London, again by Haskell.

8 of 26 @lphaskell/Instagram

The pastures of Gomshall

Here's Haskell's shot of brownish-green pastures in the village of Gomshall in Surrey, England.

9 of 26 @yannic_._/Instagram

Inle Lake

Yannick Cocard captured the sun over Inle Lake, Myanmar, in this shot. 

10 of 26 @amy_jw/Instagram

Sunset over South Africa

Amy Weyer snapped this photo of the sunset over Port Elizabeth, South Africa. 

11 of 26 @hannahquon/Instagram

More flowers

Here's Quon again taking a stunning photo of some purple flowers. 

12 of 26 @yannic_._/Instagram

The Andaman Sea

While in Koh Kradan, Thailand, Cocard took this photo overlooking the Andaman Sea. 

13 of 26 @francoisbouch/Instagram

Pointe Saint-Mathieu

Here's another black-and-white shot that Bouch took with his Samsung S9. This one is in Pointe Saint-Mathieu in northwestern France.

14 of 26 @lphaskell/Instagram

Swimming turtle

While in Nassau, Bahamas, Haskell snapped this shot of a turtle swimming in the ocean. 

15 of 26 @lphaskell/Instagram

Beaching in the Bahamas

And here's a shot over the Meliá Nassau Beach in the Bahamas. 

16 of 26 @dayandnightflorida/Instagram

Picturesque Palm Coast, Florida

PJ Layer took this photo of the Palm Coast, Florida, landscape with his Samsung S9. 

17 of 26 @dayandnightflorida/Instagram

More Florida scenery

Here's Layer again snapping a shot of the scenery in Palm Coast, Florida. 

18 of 26 @francoisbouch/Instagram

Garden of the Great Explorers

Bouch also captured this black-and-white photo of the Garden of the Great Explorers in Paris.

19 of 26 @lphaskell/Instagram

Street graffiti in London

Haskell's shot of graffiti in London features cartoon representations of Bart Simpson and Popeye .

20 of 26 @lphaskell/Instagram

South Bank, London graffiti

Here's another photo of some street graffiti on the South Bank in Southwark, London. 

21 of 26 @lphaskell/Instagram

Sun caught in the clouds

In the sky over Wimbledon, London, Haskell captured these clouds blanketing the sun. 

22 of 26 @lphaskell/Instagram

Snowy streets of London

And here's his snowy snapshot of the streets of London. 

23 of 26 @lphaskell/Instagram

Thames Tower silhouette

Here's Haskell again with a silhouette of the Thames Tower in England. 

24 of 26 @lphaskell/Instagram

Overhead view of Greenland

Haskell snapped an eye-popping overhead shot of Greenland while flying recently. 

25 of 26 @lphaskell/Instagram

Flying over Miami

Haskell took this photo while flying over Miami in April. 

26 of 26 @lphaskell/Instagram

Sunset over Cable Beach

Finally, here's Haskell's picture of the sunset over Cable Beach in Nassau, Bahamas. 

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