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Netflix in HDR on the Razer Phone

Welcome to CNET's roundup of the coolest and most notable products we saw at CES 2018. Last updated Jan. 12, 7 a.m. PT.

When we reviewed the Razer Phone, we were impressed by the screen's deep blacks. Now we know why it can go so dim: the Razer Phone was secretly designed to play Netflix in HDR. The companies announced that the phone will be the first phone to do so, and with Dolby 5.1 surround sound, too -- lest you forget that the Razer Phone is a Dolby-certified device with crazy-loud speakers

The Razer Phone will begin supporting Netflix in HDR after an over-the-air software update next month. 

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Hyperkin Ultra Game Boy

Hyperkin is bringing back one of the most iconic portable gaming devices of all time. The Ultra Game Boy is an enhanced recreation of Nintendo's original, encased in a durable aluminum shell. The buttons have the clickier feel of Nintendo's second portable revision, and everything is in just the right place. It even plays the same game cartridges as the original. 

Hyperkin says the final design is still in flux, but it plans to sell the Ultra Game Boy for under $100 (about £75 or AU$125) when it launches later this year.

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Samsung S-Ray

A new Samsung C-Lab project called S-Ray lets you to listen to your devices without disturbing others by beaming sound straight into your ears. The company says the technology could be used with a number of different devices including a Bluetooth speaker, a phone cover and a personal neckband. Though the prototype's audio quality wasn't stellar, it was impressive to hear music -- without headphones -- over the tremendous din of Las Vegas. 

Samsung has not announced pricing, availability or really any details about how this technology could reach the market.

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Ubtech Walker

Robots are everywhere at CES this year, and Ubtech's biped contains multitudes. The Walker is prepared to tackle your security needs, patrolling your home's perimeter, detecting motion and recording incidents with its integrated camera. And when it's quitting time, it can dance and play games. Pretty good for a robot with no arms.

Ubtech hasn't yet specified price or availability. 

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Misty I

The Misty I, on the other hand, is but a wee baby robot -- though one born into an esteemed family that's laser-focused on its future. Misty Robotics is the spin-off startup created last year by Sphero founder Ian Bernstein and Tim Enwall, who came from Nest Labs. Their goal: cultivate a community of developers that can build up Misty's skill set over the next decade.

The Misty I Developer Edition will be available in February for $1,500 (about £1,100 or AU$1,900) to a "dozen" or so early partners. 

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Smacircle S1 folding eBike

Smacircle, based in Shenzhen, China, claims it's built the world's most compact and lightweight foldable eBike. Weighing in at roughly 15 pounds (6.8 kg), the bike can be folded into a small backpack and locked using your phone.

Available for preorder now on Indiegogo for $650 or £479 or AU$825 (the price will eventually go up to $1,500 or £1,100 or AU$1,900), the S1 starts shipping this month. 

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Whill Model Ci

If you need a little help getting around, this is one bad-ass personal electric vehicle. The Whill Model Ci has a max speed of 5 mph and a battery range of up to 10 miles; the integrated lithium-ion battery takes between 4 and 5 hours to charge. Though it's not an all-terrain vehicle, it can handle inclines and a variety of surfaces -- and the accompanying app allows family members to check battery level and location remotely. 

The Whill Model Ci is available now and starts at $4,000 (roughly £3,000 or AU$5,000).

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Fenix AR augmented-reality helmet

Skully Technologies launched an ill-fated Indiegogo campaign in 2016, raising nearly $2.5 million in preorders for a motorcycle helmet with AR features, and then folding. Backers of that campaign will soon receive the Fenix AR -- a helmet with a rear-view camera that displays a 180-degree view on a transparent display. It supports turn-by-turn navigation and  (when connected to a phone via Bluetooth) voice commands, making phone calls and playing music.

The Fenix AR will be available for purchase later this year for $1,899 (about £1,400 or AU$2,400). 

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Beyerdynamic Amiron wireless headphone

The Bluetooth headphone that could finally get audiophiles to cut the cord. Beyerdynamic's Amiron wireless headphone is articulate, with excellent clarity and bass definition, and superior to the company's on-ear Aventho Wireless -- a great Bluetooth headphone in its own right.

Scheduled to ship this spring, Beyerdynamic has't yet announced a price yet, but the Amiron is expected to cost more than $500 and less than $1,000 (up to about £740 or AU$1,270).

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IMEC EEG headset

This EEG headset from Belgian research center Imec can assess your emotional state based on signals from the front of your brain. There are therapeutic applications, sure, but it also has the potential to improve your memory when you're learning, match music to your mood or even adjust your emotions by changing your music.

Pricing and availability have not been announced.

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Whirlpool smart fridge

Rather than overwhelm you with a flood of features you might not need, Whirlpool has shown some restraint with its smart fridge. Marinating meat? The screen will tell you how long to cook your particular cut and ask if you want to set a timer. Cleaning the fridge? Whirlpool will suspend cooling to save energy and shut off the door alarm.

Whirlpool will release the WRFA94CIHN later this year for $4,400 (likely US only). 

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Vivo embedded fingerprint scanner

This prototype phone shown by Chinese phonemaker Vivo has no official name, price or sale date. But its virtual home button, which appears only when you need it and then gets out of the way, may be a harbinger of things to come. It's a killer feature that was rumored for both the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8 -- neither of which had it. We're clinging to the hope that it finds its way onto the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S9.

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Hypervsn Wall

Kino-mo's Hypervsn Wall is getting a lot of attention here in Las Vegas. Made up of multiple propeller-looking modules adorned with programmable LEDs, the Wall creates holographic images up to 3 meters in size. 

Each unit costs $3,200 (about £2,370 or AU$4,080), availability was not announced.

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Toto Floating Tub

Toto's marble-covered bathtub has lots of integrated tech -- but what separates it from the rest is its ability to simulate the feeling of floating in space. A series of integrated jets lift your feet off the floor of the tub and the surrounding LED lights add the perfect interstellar ambiance.

The Toto Floating Tub costs *cough* $19,000 (about £14,000 or AU$24,000) and will be available in the third quarter of 2018.

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Razor Turbo Jetts

Razor, renowned maker of scooters, has developed yet another way to test the patience of parents. The company's new Turbo Jetts motorized heel wheels go up to 10 mph. The removable battery, which will give you 2 to 4 hours of peace while it charges, delivers about 30 minutes of motorized wheel time. The device can be adjusted to fit both kids (size 12 and up) and, when the inevitable "time out" is served, adults (up to adult size 12). 

The Turbo Jetts will be available at Toys 'R' Us starting in February for $130 (about £95 or AU$165).

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Sony Aibo 2018

Sony's groundbreaking robot dog is back with some new tricks. Equipped with an artificial intelligence boost for 2018, Aibo can now recognize and respond to multiple family members. And with its wireless cloud connectivity, it can store and process everything that it learns from living with you. Caveat emptor.

Pricing and availability has not been announced.

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FF91 Faraday Future with Stealth Combat finish

The all-electric FF91 Future, shown here in the Stealth Combat finish, looks seriously cool, is autonomous-ready and, according to Faraday, goes from 0 to 60 in 2.39 seconds -- which would make it the fastest-accelerating SUV in the world. 

Though there's no word on price yet, Faraday says the FF91 will hit customer driveways later this year.

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Sure, it's a prototype, but it works -- literally. The Aeolus robot can clean your house, pick up after you and keep an eye on things while you're away. Plus, it has Alexa built in so you can express your gratitude (or disappointment).

Price and availability have not been announced.

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Merge 6DoF Blaster

The 6DoF Blaster is an AR-ready laser tag gun. Merge has given it six-degree-of-freedom (6DoF) tracking, which phone-connected rival headsets have a hard time with. You can walk around with it, duck and aim quickly. Fun, and surely a sign that there are more AR toys to come.

Price and availability have not been announced.

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ChannelMaster Smartenna+ and Stream+

Say goodbye to cable. With a 60-mile range, the Smartenna+ will pick up the signal and then optimize your reception automatically. It works with the new Stream+, which features dual tuners, Android TV support and a free channel guide -- all without a subscription.

Shipping in the spring of 2018, the Smartenna+ costs $89 and the Stream+ costs $99. It's available for preorder now. 

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Intel Volocopter

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich used his keynote to show off the Volocopter, an autonomous passenger drone, which he called "essentially a flying car." Volocopter's CEO Florian Reuter said the self-flying drone is "extremely simple to fly, quiet and when running on its batteries, emission free." 

The Volocopter won't be available in the US until it receives approval from the Federal Aviation Administration. 

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Razer Project Linda

It may look like your average laptop, but there's no Intel inside. Instead, there's a slot where the touchpad would normally be for you to dock Razer's own Android-powered phone. Now you've got a Frankenstein's monster with the phone as the brain -- serving up its processor, operating system and apps -- in the body of a Blade Stealth laptop.

Price and availability have not been announced.

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Razer Mamba Hyperflux

Batteries aren't included or even necessary here. That's because Razer's new wireless gaming mouse pulls its power directly from its mousepad. So the new Mamba is a few ounces lighter than its predecessors, but it still has Chroma accent lights that you can control from your PC.

The HyperFlux series will be available in the first quarter of 2018 for $249 (and approximately £185 or AU$315).

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Samsung's The Wall 146-inch TV

Have you ever wanted a gigantic Jumbotron for your own home? Good news! Samsung has developed the MicroLED -- a version of its Cinema Screen technology used in movie theaters -- for your house. The new model, called The Wall, measures a mind-blowing 146 inches. 

Beyond saying they would ship this year, no pricing or availability for MicroLED TVs was announced.

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HTC Vive Pro

HTC is upping its virtual reality game. The new Vive Pro will offer enhanced resolution, integrated headphones and, perhaps most important, a new wireless adaptor that will let you finally roam virtual worlds untethered.

The Vive Pro will become available in the next few months, but there's no word yet on pricing.

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Nanoleaf has unveiled a new square-shaped variation of its light panels. Now you can turn the panels on and off, dim them up and down, or change their color just by tapping on them. Yes, of course, there's also a music sync microphone and motion sensor capable of lighting the panels up whenever you walk by. 

Name, price and availability all remain unannounced.

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Toyota's e-Palette concept vehicle

The e-Palette is Toyota's new, modular transportation platform that looks inspired by both shipping container and toaster. It comes in three sizes ranging from 4 meters (about 13 feet) to approximately 7 meters (around 23 feet) and is designed to be flexible and reconfigurable to accommodate the needs of Toyota's partners on the project, which include Amazon, Pizza Hut, Uber and others.

Pricing and availability is not currently available.

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ForwardX CX-1 suitcase

Hauling your luggage around an airport is very 2017. We are now in 2018, however, and this year we finally get a chance to buy a hands-free, autonomous carry-on suitcase that will follow you anywhere at a max speed of 7 mph (11 kph).

Maker ForwardX plans to launch the luggage sometime later this year, but hasn't announced pricing. 

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Hisense laser TV

Hisense's $10,000 laser TV rig combines a short-throw projector with a 100-inch screen designed to reject ambient light. The projector itself has built-in speakers and Hisense includes a wireless subwoofer, too. Frickin' lasers!

The Hisense laser TV is available now and costs $10,000 (which converts to approximately £7,400 or AU$12,750).

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Sony LSPX-A1 ultra-short-throw projector

Sony's new ultra-short-throw projector looks like a stylish credenza, with an artificial marble top and half-mirror aluminum frame and wooden shelf. Built into the top, however, is a projector that can create a 120-inch image with 4K resolution. Sony has also integrated organic glass speakers, a subwoofer and three midrange speakers.

The Sony LSPX-A1 goes on sale this spring for $30,000 (about £14,750 or AU$25,500).

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Sony XBR-X900F

Sony took one of our favorite LCD TVs of 2017 and supersized it. The monstrous 85-inch X900F sticks with its predecessor's full-array local dimming LED backlight and adds Dolby Vision high dynamic range compatibility.

Pricing and availability were not announced.

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L'Oreal UV Sense

The makeup master has developed a battery-free wearable that measures UV exposure. At only 2mm thick and 9mm in diameter, the tiny electronic sensor can be worn on a fingernail or pair of sunglasses and, via an app, will give you warnings about sun exposure.

It's available exclusively through dermatologists in 2018 with a global launch planned for 2019. Estimated pricing is $40 or less (roughly £30 or AU$50).

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LG Display's roll-up OLED TV

LG kicked things off on Sunday with a TV from the realm of science fiction -- a 65-inch 4K OLED display that rolls into a tube, like an upside down window shade. Imagine it at the foot of your four-poster bed or the end of your luxury bath. We can dream that this futuristic boob tube will hit the market soon, but LG hasn't announced pricing or availability, let alone an explanation of how the thing actually works. 

Pricing and availability unknown.

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Sony Xperia X2 Ultra

Sony's highest-end Xperia features a wide angle camera that can shoot 120-degree photos at 8 megapixels (as well as 16-megapixel standard-angle photos). Plus, a fingerprint sensor on the back. 

The phone will sell in select countries starting in late January, and pricing has not yet been announced.

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Planet Computers Gemini

If you're looking for the perfect mobile accessory for your retro '90s outfit, the Gemini clamshell is for you. Pure throwback on the outside, but all business on the inside with a 10-core processor, 64GB of storage and 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. 

It's not yet in stores, but you can preorder via Indiegogo. The 4G LTE model sells for $599 (about £440 or AU$765) and the Wi-Fi only model sells for $499 (roughly £370 or AU$635). 

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Kolibree Magik smart toothbrush

Brush teeth, kill monsters, prevent cavities. Wait, go back one. The Magik smart toothbrush uses computer vision technology, motion tracking and your phone's front-facing camera to power an augmented reality gaming app. Sounds like fun.

Availability and pricing unknown.

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LG 88-inch 8K OLED TV

With every Black Friday sale overflowing with 4K TVs, LG had no choice but to go all out on 8K for this year's CES. And this 88-inch behemoth will blow your eyes out of your head with its 7,680x4,320-pixel resolution -- four times that of your now-middling 4K set and 16 times more than a pitiable standard full-HD TV. You'll still have to wait for actual 8K things to watch, however. 

Availability and pricing unknown.

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Hyundai Nexo hydrogen fuel cell SUV

Equipped with a 120 kW e-motor, Hyundai estimates the Nexo's prototype fuel cell powertrain, bolstered by three 700-bar hydrogen tanks and a 1.56 kWh lithium-ion battery, will get more than 350 miles per fill-up. Plus, the only emission it leaves behind is water vapor. We drove one here to Vegas -- hit the Read More link to find out more.

Available in late 2018, pricing unknown.

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Vuzix Blade smart glasses

Google Glass is gone. Into the void steps Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant, hitching a ride aboard the Vuzix Blade smart glasses. Vuzix has embedded a camera, microphone and side-mounted touchpad in this chunky but pretty normal-looking pair of sunglasses, which takes phone calls and puts Alexa's giant brain between your ears. 

Pricing and availability unknown.

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Acer Swift 7

Every CES there's a competition over who has the skinniest device. This year, thinnest laptop award goes to the Acer Swift 7 -- at 8.98mm thick, a credible contender for thinnest laptop in the world. 

Available in April, starting at $1,699 (about £1,250 or AU$2,160 converted).

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Garmin Forerunner GPS smartwatch

Garmin could leave Apple in the dust with this one. The Forerunner music watch, with storage for 500 songs, also supports GPS, Garmin Pay and has physical buttons instead of a touchscreen -- which may be preferable for those on the move.

Starting at $450 (about £330 or AU$575 converted) or $400 (roughly £295 or AU$510) for the non-music version. Availability is not yet announced.

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Blade Shadow gaming PC subscription service

All of the upsides of a high-end gaming rig without the cost or technical requirements of actually owning one. That's the promise of the Blade Shadow -- a high-end Windows PC remotely accessible from any computer, phone or tablet for about $35 per month (about £25 or AU$45).

Available in California starting Feb. 15, with a broader US rollout coming in summer 2018 (preorders start Jan. 11).

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GeForce Now

That's not the only subscription service for gamers, though. Nvidia had its GeForce now service on show, which, similar to the Blade Shadow service, lets you play demanding games on any hardware, all thanks to the magic of the internet. 

Our own Sean Hollister was able to test it out, and it went very smoothly -- far more smoothly than a modern game should run on a $200 machine. 

The Windows Beta was launched at CES for Europe and America, following a Mac Beta last year. Pricing and official launch details are not yet known.

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XYZprinting da Vinci Nano 3D

Equipped with a mobile app, an emphasis on ease of use and a reasonable price, the da Vinci Nano 3D could be the portable, single-color 3D printer affordable enough for the home and classroom.

Available in mid-2018 starting at $229 (£170 or AU$290 converted).

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Delta's Alexa faucet

"That's too cold, Alexa!" Delta's Wi-Fi-connected and Alexa-powered smart faucet lets you use voice commands to turn the water on or off, pour out a specific amount or adjust the temperature.

Availability and pricing unknown.

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Asus ROG antibezel kit

This picture isn't of one super-long screen, it's three screens next to each other. The bezels are hidden, though, by Asus' new antibezel kit. It uses lenses to refract the content on the screen edges at a 130-degree angle -- essentially using a sort of stealth technology to hide them.

No word on price, but it's set for an early-2018 release. 

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Samsung Family Hub smart fridge

Samsung's newest smart refrigerator recommends recipes based on your family's food preferences, allergies and, thanks to the integrated cameras, the ingredients you have on hand. And the new Deals app saves sale-priced groceries to your shopping list.

Availability and pricing unknown.

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HP Spectre x360

The Spectre x360 lives a double life as a tablet and high-performance laptop. And this premium two-in-one comes equipped with some nasty specs including quad-core eighth-gen Intel Core i-series processors and your choice of Radeon RX Vega M or Nvidia GeForce MX 150 discrete graphics.

Coming to Best Buy and in March, prices will start at $1,370 (roughly equivalent to £1,010 and AU$1,750).

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Kohler Numi Intelligent Toilet

Does your toilet feel excluded from your smart home setup? Kohler's new top-of-the-line model delivers hands-free flushing, bidet cleansing, feet warming, air drying, odor control, music, a night light and automatic seat temperature management. Plus, you can ask Alexa to flush. 

Availability and pricing unknown.

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Kohler Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror

The centerpiece of Kohler's connected bathroom, the new Verdera lighted mirror has an Alexa-enabled speaker built into the bottom in addition to two front-facing microphones that receive your voice commands. You get touch controls to adjust sound and light levels, a night light and motion sensors that raise the light levels when someone stands in front of it.

The mirror will be available in three different sizes, each with its own unannounced price, and is slated for a March release.

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InCase IconConnected

InCase's IconConnected is simple: It's a case for your laptop that also charged your laptop.

The catch? Right now, it only works with MacBook Pros.

It'll be available in the third quarter of 2018 for $200, which converts roughly to £150 and AU$250.  

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Kohler DTV+ Showering System

Kohler's signature line of high-tech showers now has an app. Kohler Konnect lets you set your shower to a specific water temperature and flow rate as well as control music and lighting with voice commands. 

Availability and pricing unknown.

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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon, Yoga X1

At CES, Lenovo unveiled its latest iterations of the ThinkPad X1 and the Yoga X1. These updated business laptops are lighter, faster and, the claim goes, can last longer. 

But what's more interesting is their HDR support: These are the first Windows laptops to support for Dolby Vision HD.

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Kohler PerfectFill Bathtub

Kohler's new bathtub supports voice commands for water temperature and fill level, or tweaking via the company's new Konnect app. And, of course, you can always adjust the tub's hydrotherapy and vibracoustic soundwave settings.

Availability and pricing unknown.

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Moodo scent machine

Gather up all of your scented candles and oils and throw them in the garbage. Feel better? If not, you may be interested in Moodo's Wi-Fi-connected, Alexa-supported scent machine that can make your home smell like an ashram spa or beach party. 

Pricing starts at $189 (about £140 or AU$240 converted), available now at

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HyperX Cloud Flight

HyperX's gaming headphones have quickly earned a reputation as being extremely comfortable. Now, with the Cloud Flight, that comfort is going wireless -- a first for HyperX. 

It's being released in the coming months for $160 or AU$229, which converts to roughly £130. 

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Samsung Q9S

Samsung's newly announced Q9S is the first 85-inch 8K TV with artificial intelligence, according to the company. The TV uses this AI power to upscale regular content into 8K, Samsung said. 

Availability and pricing isn't available just yet.

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Omron HeartGuide

Omron's HeartGuide is a smartwatch with medical-grade blood pressure tracking. That's on top of all the fitness tracking and notifications you've come to expect from wearables.

It's still undergoing clinical tests, and should be submitted to the FDA later this year. The target price is $349, about the cost of an Apple Watch (converts to roughly £260 or AU$445).   

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Debussy Nathaniel headphones

Debussy's Nathaniel headphones are 4G-enabled, so you don't need to connect it to a phone or computer to play music. Instead, you control it through these LCD screens. They're only in prototype phase at the moment, but that velvet sure is real. 

Oh, and they'll cost $5,000. Debussy said it hopes to get them to market within 18 months.

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Nvidia BFGD

BFGD stands for Big Format Gaming Display. How big is big? 65 inches, much bigger than most gaming monitors, which often max out at around half the size. The low-latency BFGD monitor was built by Nvidia along with partners HP, Asus and Acer, and packs the GPU maker's Nvidia Shield streaming tech. 

Nvidia says it will ship the BFGD later this summer, but pricing was not announced.

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Volkswagen's I.D. Buzz

Nvidia's tech isn't just about gaming. Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess took the stage at Nvidia's CES keynote, where he said the automaker will integrate Nvidia's just-announced Drive IX platform into the I.D. Buzz. This will let it recognize people as they approach the car, unlock the door for the owner or other trusted people, and tailor the in-car experience through personalization.

The I.D. Buzz concept will become a reality, but when, and for how much, is not yet known.

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Intel's eighth-gen G series with AMD

Intel and AMD, rivals in the CPU game, have teamed up to bring us a new set of processors. Specifically, they merge Intel's Core i5 and i7 processing power with AMD's Radeon RX Vega M graphics technology. Like Nvidia's Max-Q architecture, this new setup will make gaming laptops smaller and thinner. And both the Dell XPS 15 and HP Spectre X360 already use versions of the chip.

Pricing and availability have not yet been announced.

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