Adobe's fall video updates have a little something for everyone (pictures)

Here are some of the new features that will be available in Creative Cloud video applications by the end of the year.

Lori Grunin
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Native HEVC/H.265 support

For videographers shooting using H.265 -- such as the video produced by Samsung's NX1 and NX500 --  no more transcoding! You'll  also be able to encode in H.265 format.

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Direct to Facebook

Adobe Media Encoder will be able to encode and upload directly to Facebook and get a link back.

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There are some new Lumetri Color tools in Premiere and After Effects for working with HDR video. Basically you can control specular-highlight clipping, and the waveform scope now displays up to 10,000 IRE, an essential increase from the outmoded 100 IRE.

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Optical Flow interpolation

GPU-accelerated Optical Flow interpolation will theoretically provide higher quality results when producing slow-motion video from standard frame-rate footage.

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Touch optimized

Adobe promises easier trackpad- and touchscreen-based editing with support for multitouch and a more finger-friendly interface. For instance, when you touch the media in the bin a scrubber interface pops up, and when dragging and dropping you get more placement feedback.

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Remix to length

Audition gets the ability to target audio to a particular duration with content-aware algorithms that use beat detection and source separation to intelligently rearrange the audio.

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Match Loudness

Match Volume has been reworked to the more findable Match Loudness, and Adobe has added a few more standards -- EBU R128, ATSC A/85 and ITU BS.1770-3, updated from 1770-2.

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Text-to-speed for audio placeholders

To figure out how long a voiceover will be or needs to be for a video, you can generate a placeholder voiceover track in different timbres and languages, then replace it with the real track later in the production process.

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Character Animator preview 3

The preview announced in April is up to its third iteration; this go-round it gets multitouch support for animating two parts simultaneously and support for French, German and Japanese.

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Turning heads

You'll be able to add extra head positions to a character in order to support a head-turning motion.

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