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Upgrade RAM on your MacBook Pro

If you own a 2012 or earlier MacBook Pro, upgrading the RAM is a foolproof process.

You can read the complete guide here, or follow this visual guide.

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What kind of RAM should you buy?

To find out what kind of RAM you need, go to Apple menu > About This Mac > Memory. Make note of the number of memory slots available, memory capacity, and the memory card type.

For instance, you might find that your computer has two slots, can take up to 8 GB, and requires 1600MHz DDR2 memory.

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Remove the back cover

Before you begin, shut down your computer. Then, remove the back cover, which is fastened by 11 screws.

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Remove the current RAM

Touch a metal part on the inside of your computer to release any static electricity.

Now, remove the current RAM by pushing the levers in an outward direction. Once you push, they should pop up and release. Gently remove the memory card and repeat this process for the second one.

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Install the new RAM

Install the new RAM by inserting them into the slots, with the gold contact strip facing in. To secure the RAM in place, push down and listen for a click.

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Run a hardware test

When you finish installing the new RAM, replace the bottom cover and boot up your computer.

At this point, it's a good idea to run a test that ensures your new RAM is working properly.

Here's how to check your RAM for errors.

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