Accessories for SanDisk Sansa MP3 players

CNET editors round up speakers, cases, chargers, and more for the SanDisk Sansa View, Sansa Fuze, Sansa Clip, and Sansa E200.

Jasmine France
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Altec Lansing inMotion iM413 ($99.95)

There are precious few speaker systems available that are made with the SanDisk Sansa line in mind; in fact, Altec Lansing's inMotion iM413 is the only one we could find that's still in production. It features a 30-pin connector for docking and charging your player and includes a remote control. The speaker works with the E200 series, the Fuze, and the View (and the Connect, in case you still have one of those). The Clip can be attached via auxiliary line-input, though we think there's a better option for the littlest of Sansas.

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eWest Super Mini Stereo Speaker ($9.95)

That would be the eWest Super Mini Stereo Speaker, a tiny unit that's barely any bigger than the Clip itself. This ultracompact speaker provides surprisingly clear audio and a cute, extendable subwoofer that looks like an accordion neck. It works with any standard MP3 player via a built-in 3.5mm plug, and is quite a bargain at 10 bucks.

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Maximo FM Transmitter and Car Charger for Sansa MP3 Players ($33.95 to $49.24)

A line-in cable or cassette adapter is the best way to connect your Sansa to your car stereo, but that's not always possible. Sometimes an FM transmitter is the only way, and this one from Maximo will charge the player while you listen--a definite plus. Performance isn't stellar, but it gets the job done.

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Griffin iTrip FM Transmitter and Auto Charger for Sansa ($38.24)

Another option if you want to charge your Sansa while streaming over your car stereo is the Griffin iTrip. The design of this one is a little less clunky overall, but it has more cable length to tangle.

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Iriver AFT-100 FM Transmitter ($39.95)

For the Clip, or really any other MP3 player, consider the Iriver AFT-100 FM Transmitter. There's a newer model--the AFT-200--but you want to get the previous model if you can. It was made before tighter restrictions on FM transmission were enacted by the FCC, so it offers better quality than many newer units. It doesn't charge your player, though.

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Belkin Charging Kit ($34.99)

If you do elect to use line-in--or the AFT-100--you can pick up this simple charger from Belkin. It also includes a wall adapter for use in the home.

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Griffin PowerDock for Sansa ($23.99 to $33.83)

The Griffin PowerDock gives your docking Sansa a permanent place on the desk. It offers passthrough syncing as well as line out for connecting to a home audio setup. At press time, Griffin was having a special that offered the product for just $14.99.

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Transparent Clear Crystal Snap On Case ($3.54 to $5.00)

The Sansa Fuze is perhaps the sleekest member of the family, which is a perfect reason to protect it without hiding the shiny design. This Crystal Snap On Case does just that, and for less than 5 bucks. Why not, really?

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HandStands Sansa 3-in-1 Fuze Kit ($19.99)

We're big fans of package deals, which explains why the HandStands 3-in-2 Fuze Kit made this list. You get a "leather-grained protective glove," an armband, and a handy zippered case with a pouch for your earbuds. All that for $20 ain't half bad.

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Silicone Skin Case with Belt Clip and Armband for Sandisk Sansa Fuze ($4.39)

Like any compact, flash-based MP3 player, the Fuze lends itself well to the gym. For less than $5, you can get a silicone skin, which will help protect the player from sweat, as well as a belt clip and armband, all of which will keep it out of the way during activity.

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I-nique Executive Soft Napa Leather Cover ($27.99)

If you need something with a touch more class, check out the I-nique Executive Soft Napa Leather Cover. It conceals the player from view, and the screen-protecting flap does double duty as a kickstand when you want to watch video. Travel-friendly, indeed.

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Silicone Skin Case For SanDisk Sansa Clip ($1.99)

The Clip is so tiny and durable that it hardly needs protection, but if you insist, why pay more than $2 to get it? This "generic" silicone skin can be found on Amazon in a variety of colors, so you can choose from some that aren't offered as the stock paint job.

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DLO Action Jacket for Clip


Sometimes, a belt-clip just doesn't get the job done. For those times, consider an armband like the DLO Action Jacket.

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I-nique Tuff-Luv Exec Soft Napa Leather Case ($35.99)

Ahh...soft leather. Just the thing for Sansa's signature video player. There aren't a lot of protective coverings available for the View, but of the few, this stylish case from Tuff-Luv is our favorite. Just don't buy it for the vegetarian in your life.

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Griffin Reflect Mirrored Chrome-Finish Case ($9.49 to $26.83)

There is no shortage of cases available for the Sansa E200, but this super shiny, mirrored case from Griffin is our favorite. Just look at it! It's so...shiny! Did we mention that yet? Oh yeah, it's also a hard-sided cover that will protect the player from reasonable drops, which may occur more often once you're catching frequent glimpses of your hot self in this case.

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yooZoo Premium Silicone Skin Kit with Belt Clip, Sports Armband, LCD Screen Protector, Lanyard ($1.55)

The heading pretty much says it all: a skin, belt clip, armband, screen protector, and lanyard...all for $1.55. That's less than the price of a latte. Just go buy it already.

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