Start screen

Microsoft is showing off on Monday the new version of its long-anticipated (and oft-delayed) mobile phone operating system. Here's a look at Windows Phone 7 Series' very Zune-like interface.

The central point of the new start screen are various "live tiles" which can be used to point to an application, a hub (such as photos or music), a Web site, or even an individual contact. Like a widget, such tiles can also contain various status updates, such as the number of new messages.

Photo by: Microsoft

A Zune inside

The music and video hub bears more than a passing resemblance to the Zune HD and contains many of that product's features and interface.
Photo by: Microsoft

People are people

The people hub is designed as more than just an address book, offering status updates from Facebook as well as tiles to re-connect with people with whom you have recently had either a phone conversation, exchanged e-mail, or had other some other type of contact.
Photo by: Microsoft


The Windows Phone 7 Series software has a hub devoted to a new mobile version of Office.
Photo by: Microsoft


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