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HolidayBuyer's Guide

One cheap cable does it all

Multi-zone 4K AV receiver


Pioneer backside

HDBaseT port

Single-wire TV

Home networking box

Multi-room, multi-source

Source control matrix

Security camera

HDMI in, Cat5 out

HDBaseT can send massive amounts of audio, video and data hundreds of feet over cheap, simple Cat 5 Ethernet cables. The HDBaseT Alliance recently demoed some of the technologies used.
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Pioneer's upcoming Elite receiver utilizes HDBaseT to send AV signals to a second zone.
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The HDBaseT logo is assurance that the device has been certified by the HDBaseT Alliance.
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Among all those connections...
Caption by the familiar port for a Cat 5 cable, primed to run to another zone up to 328 feet away with one cable length.
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Also on display was a modified TV running from a single cable. Audio, video and even power were supplied via that cheap Cat 5 cable. The upper limit of 100 watts of power means that only smaller LCD TVs will be "single-wire," however.
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I also saw a demo of a home-networking solution run by a single HDBaseT hub.
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The hub was supplying four different TVs with four different sources, including a PC that was controlled remotely by a USB keyboard/mouse plugged into a far-flung TV.
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An iPad app can control which sources are sent where.
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This modified HD security camera is one source that could benefit from HDBaseT's combination of signal and power capabilities.
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The back of the switcher box shows the numerous kinds of signals one cable can carry.
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