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Longer battery life

If you're an iPhone owners who's hopelessly attached your charger, iOS 9 brings some good news.

A new low-power mode purportedly extends battery life by up to three hours. How, you ask? It'll do so by disabling some visual effects and reducing performance when turned on.

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Finally! Lower-case letters

Tired of your onscreen keyboard looking like it's always using Caps Lock? You're not alone.

Lower-case letters will now show up on the keyboard, unless you hit the shift key (or double tap for Caps Lock). It's the little things in life.

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Newsstand is dead, long live Apple News

After updating to iOS 9, you'll notice that Newsstand has been replaced with News.

After selecting topics and publications that interest you, the News app will provide you with stories and, well, news, throughout the day.

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Take note

The built-in Notes app is nowhere close to robust functionality of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, but the iOS 9 improvements are a nice touch for avid note-takers.

A new formatting toolbar lets you easily insert checklists, photos, videos and more into notes. You can also sketch out notes using your finger, and organize them into folders.

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Separate your selfies

Face recognition may be creepy in most instances, but in iOS 9, it's great for organization.

Selfies will be automatically organized into a single 'Selfie' folder inside of the Photos app.

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Pass the passcode

For extra security, passcodes are now six digits instead of four.

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Two ways to Spotlight

If you need to find something quickly, Spotlight can now be accessed by either swiping down from the center of the screen (the same way it was in iOS 8), or by swiping to the far left home screen.

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Passbook is now 'Apple Wallet'

Goodbye, Passbook! We barely even knew ya!

Apple Wallet will replace Passbook in iOS9, so you can still use Apple Pay to purchase your Starbucks from the comfort of your iPhone.

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Deck of apps

The old days of swiping through your open apps like a Tindr queue are gone. In iOS9, double-tapping the home button now displays the open apps stacked on top of each other, similar to a deck of cards.

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