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60 super-cool kitchen gadgets you can get for less than $50

Upgrade your kitchen, no matter your budget.

Lily Rose
1 of 61 ChipFingers via Amazon

60 super-cool kitchen gadgets you can get for less than $50

Spring time is a great time for cleaning and getting rid of all the things you don't need -- we're looking at you, giant mass of Tupperware containers with missing lids. But it's also a great time to level up your kitchen game. Why not replace the junk you're tossing with neat new gadgets you'll actually use?

These super-cool kitchen gadgets aren't just for amateur chefs and bakers. They'll be appreciated by anyone with a kitchen space, and there are even a few gizmos that are perfect if you don't have one. The best part is, they're all under $50 and won't break the bank. 

Note that if we quote a user review, we've checked that they're marked "Verified Purchase" so, as best we can tell, they're a real person who paid for the product. Also: Prices are accurate at the time of original publication, but are subject to change without notice.

2 of 61 Prepsolutions via Amazon

Microwave s'more maker

Don't have a roaring fire handy? Just put your s'more elements in this weird-looking microwave press, add water, and the steam-powered arms will do the rest. Seriously.

3 of 61 Secura via Amazon

Electric wine opener

Now it won't matter that you don't know how to use a butterfly corkscrew. This electric wine opener is rechargeable and can open up to 30 bottles with a single charge, making it the perfect gadget for parties. 

4 of 61 Secura via Amazon

Automatic soap dispenser

Regularly washing your hands with soap and water is the best way to avoid illness. This automatic dispenser helps you do that without touching anything on the soap end of your journey, keeping both your dispenser and your hands clean.

5 of 61 Dreamfarm via Amazon

Self-leveling measuring cups

Never dirty a knife (or your fingers) getting that cup of flour nice and even, thanks to these self-leveling measuring cups.

6 of 61 What On Earth via Amazon

Shark-attack sushi platter

This may be the coolest sushi plate we've ever seen. You can keep your cup of soy sauce in a shark's mouth and rest your chopsticks on the tail, thanks to this platter's design. 

7 of 61 MiTBA via Amazon

Cake shapers

Bake a cake in any shape you want with these interlocking, nonstick, extra thick silicone strips that take your baking creativity to the next level. 

8 of 61 Kitchy via Amazon

An easy-to-clean pizza cutter

This ergonomic pizza cutter has a blade that won't dull, and it won't take up tons of room in your drawer.

9 of 61 Hamilton Beach via Amazon

Breakfast sandwich maker

Never leave the house for a hangover meal again. This do-it-all kitchen gadget toasts your bread, fries your eggs, melts your cheese and cooks your meat all at the same time.

10 of 61 KitchenArt via Amazon

Select-a-spice carousel

Put your entire spice rack in this rotating, stacking wheel. What's even better is that you can adjust it to dispense whatever amount of spice you need.

11 of 61 Barbuzzo via Amazon

Ice luge

Be the hit of every party with this ice luge mold that is ready to be used within 24 hours of freezing and features two tracks. 

12 of 61 Copper Chef via Amazon

A 2-quart air fryer

Air fryers are the hot new cooking gadget, but they usually run nearly $100. This one, at $40, is a total steal.

13 of 61 Presto via Amazon

Electric griddle

This affordable griddle received high marks from buyers for its nonstick surface. Plus, it has a control master that maintains steady heat so you don't have to worry about the surface getting too hot (or burning your pancakes). 

14 of 61 Mr. Coffee via Amazon

Mug warmer

Keep your coffee or tea at the right temp with this plug-in mug warmer that can be used anywhere, including kitchen and office. 

15 of 61 Nostalgia via Amazon

Hot dog toaster

This super-cool gadget lets you toast up to two hot dogs and two buns at the same time, thanks to its dual chambers.

16 of 61 DASH via Amazon

Rapid egg cooker

This kitchen gadget can boil up to six eggs and poach two eggs, all at the same time.

17 of 61 Nostalgia via Amazon

S'mores maker

Roast s'mores indoors with this fun kitchen gadget that can hold your chocolate and graham crackers while you roast marshmallows on one of the included forks. 

18 of 61 Dash via Amazon

Mini-waffle maker

"This silly little thing is perfect," wrote one verified-purchase reviewer on Amazon. "It is so simple that it works almost solely because of that. The nonstick surface really is nonstick. Kind of critical with a waffle maker, so the waffles come off clean without scraping and scrubbing."

19 of 61 Boston Creative Company via Amazon

Cereal killer spoon

This punny spoon is just a lot of fun. 

20 of 61 Fred & Friends via Amazon

Pizza peddler pizza wheel

This fun-looking red monkey pedals through your pizza while you move the wheel's blade back and forth. 

21 of 61 OTOTO via Amazon

Loch Ness monster ladles

These BPA-free multicolored nesting Loch Ness monster ladles are a whimsical addition to any kitchen.

22 of 61 Krups via Amazon

Electric spice and coffee grinder

Pulverize everything from coffee to nuts, seeds, herbs and spices in seconds with this powerful electric grinder. It can process up to 12 cups at a time. 

23 of 61 Hamilton Beach via Amazon

Electric can opener

This electric can opener can work with pop-tops and regular cans. Its super-sharp blades cut smooth edges, which reduces your risk of getting nicked on a jagged top. 

24 of 61 Magic Bullet via Amazon

Magic Bullet blender

Chop, mix, whip and grind to your heart's content with this 200-watt-motor blender that can make everything from smoothies to hummus.

25 of 61 Hamilton Beach via Amazon

Food processor

This machine has more than 9,000 customer ratings. "Appliances like this prove that you don't always have to spend a lot of money for quality products!" wrote one enthusiastic (and verified) Amazon reviewer.

26 of 61 Hamilton Beach via Amazon

Glass kettle

This sleek-looking kettle can hold one liter of liquid and comes equipped with a blue light that turns on once the water begins to boil. It automatically shuts off once it reaches the perfect temp.

27 of 61 Nutrichef via Amazon

Vacuum sealer

Keep leftovers fresh with this vacuum-sealing device. It also comes with reusable waterproof bags.

28 of 61 OYSIR via Amazon

Spill-stopper lid

Prevent spills, splashes and pots boiling over while you cook, using these silicone lids.  

29 of 61 Kitchen Gizmo via Amazon

Strap-n-strain colander

These clip-on colanders fit most pots and bowls and are BPA-free and dishwasher safe. 

30 of 61 Deco Brothers via Amazon

Pan organizer

We know your kitchen cabinets are a mess. This organizing shelf will keep all your pans neatly stacked. 

31 of 61 Amco via Amazon

Stainless-steel odor absorber

Rub this soap-shaped metal kitchen tool in your hands to get rid of unwanted smells like onion and garlic.

32 of 61 Crock-Pot

Crock-Pot for less

What's so cool about this Crock-Pot? It's $27 on Amazon, as opposed to its $50 listed price most other places. 

33 of 61 Chef'n via Amazon

Hand-powered food chopper

This hand-powered food chopper is perfect for prep when you don't have a ton of space (or power outlets). "This has become one of my favorite kitchen gadgets. It is easy to store, easy to use and easy to clean," wrote a verified-purchase Amazon reviewer. 

34 of 61 Hutzler via Amazon

Banana slicer

If you're looking to make a gorgeously symmetrical fruit salad, get this banana slicer and never have uneven slices again.

35 of 61 Seville Classics via Amazon

Cutting board drawer

Maximize your kitchen storage with a cutting board that hides away seven other cutting boards. 

36 of 61 Grillaholics via Amazon

Meat shredder claws

These dishwasher-safe, meltproof and rustproof meat claws can stand heat of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and help you shred a variety of meats. 

37 of 61 OXO via Amazon

Avocado slicer

Decorate salads and sandwiches like a pro with this handy-dandy avocado tool that cleanly removes pits and slices seven perfect pieces. 

38 of 61 Newward via Amazon

Wine chilling stick

Stop putting ice cubes in your wine glass and start putting this wine-chilling stick into your bottles instead. This stainless-steel chilling rod -- which you store in the freezer -- comes with a drip-free pouring spout as well as a stopper to keep your wine fresh, while also keeping it cold. 

39 of 61 Joseph Joseph via Amazon

Seed-collecting citrus reamer

The intelligent design of this citrus reamer catches and strains any falling seeds, while you juice your fruit. 

40 of 61 Cuisinart via Amazon

Cheese-melting pan

Everything is better with cheese. Now you can add it to all your dishes with this kitchen gadget. Reviewers say it can hold up to two slices of cheese at a time and is easy to clean and store after use. 

41 of 61 Whiskware via Amazon

Pancake batter squeeze bottle and mixer

Serve pancakes in any shape with this squeeze bottle that also contains a blender ball to keep batter smooth. 

42 of 61 Norpro via Amazon

Egg timer

This timer actually sits in the water with your eggs and darkens in color to demonstrate just how hard, medium or soft your egg yolk currently is.

43 of 61 Green Direct via Amazon

Cereal bowl with straw

Now you can drink your cereal milk more easily, thanks to this bowl with a built-in straw. 

44 of 61 OXO via Amazon

Cookie press

"After literally decades of trying different cookie presses, Oxo has offered the best cookie press, period," said one verified-purchase Amazon reviewer. This dishwasher-safe cookie press includes a nonslip base so you get the perfect shape every time and comes with 12 different patterns to choose from. 

45 of 61 Axe Sickle via Amazon

Spaghetti measuring tool

This tool measures out pasta portions for up to four people. 

46 of 61 ChipFingers via Amazon

Finger utensils

Keep your fingers from getting greasy or Cheeto-y with these food-grade silicone finger covers. 

47 of 61 Accoutrements via Amazon

Bird toothpick dispenser

This cute little bird will retrieve your toothpicks for you. All you have to do is supply the toothpicks. 

48 of 61 Sharp Pebble via Amazon

Knife sharpening stone

Keep your knives sharp and your kitchen chic with this stylish-looking stone. It can hone any type of blade. 

49 of 61 VonShef via Amazon

Pretty wine rack

The pretty gold tone and geometric design of this wine rack makes it an excellent (and eye-catching) spot to store wine. 

50 of 61 Fantasy via Amazon

Electric pepper mill

Now you can have freshly ground pepper on your meals without having to grind the corns yourself. This battery-operated gadget is suited for black and white pepper, coarse sea salt and other solid grain seasonings. 

51 of 61 Staruby via Amazon

Tong spatulas

Pick up, flip or even serve meat with these heavy-duty, silicone-tipped tongs that are heat-resistant up to 450 degrees. 

52 of 61 Charcoal Companion via Amazon

Dachshund corn holders

How sweet are these little puppy corn holders?

53 of 61 Amazon

Hanging trash bag clip

"The clip on garbage-bag holder saves up floor space and it makes the bags accessible to the sink or whichever area you clip it on," wrote a verified-purchase Amazon reviewer. 

54 of 61 Fred & Friends via Amazon

Salt and pepper wands

Add a touch of whimsy to your dinner table with these magic-wand-shaped salt and pepper shakers. Fits most ground peppers and salts. 

55 of 61 Fred & Friends via Amazon

Hard-boiled egg skull mold

Your eggs have never been so punk. Take your peeled, warm hard boiled egg and put it into this food-safe BPA-free mold to get it into a cool skull shape.

56 of 61 RSVP International via Amazon

Onion goggles

Now, chopping onions doesn't have to make you cry. These protective goggles have foam seals that block out eye irritants from cooking. 

57 of 61 Nano Shield via Amazon

Magnetic dishwasher sign

Struggling to keep up with whether your dishes are dirty or clean? Struggle no longer with this stainless steel magnetic sign that lets you know exactly where you stand.

58 of 61 BESTZMWK via Amazon

Three-piece collapsible colander set

You can strain pretty much anything with this set of folding colanders that fits in or on top of your sink. 

59 of 61 Chef'n via Amazon

Strawberry corer

Pluck the stem off, plunge the corer in, give it a twist and you've got yourself a strawberry with no core. It sure beats trying to dig stems out with your fingernails!

60 of 61 Ropto via Amazon

Steel herb stripper

Run your herbs and spices through this stripper to remove their stems without having to pluck them one by one. 

61 of 61 Chefast via Amazon

Five-blade kitchen shears

With five blades and an easy-to-use design, these shears will help you chop up pretty much any kind of leafy green or herb. They also come with super-sharp kitchen scissors that can cut through meat or fish. 

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