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A better battery

It might be wishful thinking, but if Nintendo can somehow upgrade the short-life battery on the 3DS and offer a new version that doesn't make the handheld thicker, a huge chunk of the 3DS' downside will be solved. This third-party Nyko extended battery works well, but it makes the 3DS bulky.

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Classic Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games

A virtual console e-shop is almost set to launch, but we hope it eventually has GBA games as well as original Game Boy titles. It seems like a no-brainer, so we're hoping Nintendo delivers.

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Super Mario 3DS and others

The 3DS needs its killer app, and a new Mario from the makers of Super Mario Galaxy would be it. It has been confirmed, but it can't come soon enough.

Pikmin, Super Smash Brothers, and Advance Wars are just a few of the games we'd also like to see upgraded to the 3DS.

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Cheaper games

Around $40 a pop for cartridge games makes the 3DS a luxury system. We understand retail games have a set price, but it would be nice to see some affordable downloadable games, too.

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A game like Picross 3D would be perfect for the 3DS platform. In 2011 and beyond, we'd love to see more inventive puzzlers like this available for the system.
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Useful 3DS apps

The upcoming 3DS system update includes a Web browser and "3D Pokedex," but precious few new ideas. Great apps will sell the system. YouTube and Twitter applications are nice, but we'd really love to see some innovation here.

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Better use of 3D

Don't get us wrong, the 3D effect on the 3DS is stunning, but a few launch titles seemed to have tacked it on at the last minute. We'd love to see a better implementation of the technology to possibly make it a more integral part of the gaming experience.

The iPad game Labyrinth does an interesting job with 3D perspectives and we think the 3DS could make use of such a concept even better.
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Affordable, independent downloadable games

It's all right to take a page out of the App Store book when it comes to easy and affordable games. Encouraging the development of casual titles for the 3DS needs to happen.

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Classic racing titles reimagined

Racing games are a perfect fit for the 3DS. The DS and Wii never got any F-Zero love, so let's see some fast futuristic racing now.

Nintendo has also confirmed that there will be a Mario Kart 3DS game coming down the pike as well.
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More reasons to use Street and Spot Pass

While we enjoy seeing new Miis pop up in our plaza, both Street and Spot Pass are becoming a bit stale. We'd love to see Nintendo come up with new and inventive ways to implement their functionality.

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