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3D glasses

3D is everywhere at CES 2010, but before you get swept up in the hype, it's worth remembering a few issues. First, you'll need glasses. Second, content is scarce. And third, you'll need a new TV. So with those facts considered, we'll take a look at a few of the 3D-capable HDTVs announced at the show this year. For more info, check out our CES 2010 TVs wrap-up.
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Samsung UNC7000 series

The company's least-expensive 3D-compatible TV announced at the show uses an LED backlight, like most 3D-compatible LCDs. Unlike those of most makers, Samsumg's models can convert 2D content to 3D (we can't wait to check that one out).

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Samsung UNC9000 series

Samsung's flagship TV at CES 2009 is extremely thin in person, yet still provides that illusion of 3D depth within its picture frame.

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Samsung PNC7000 series

Samsung endowed its 3D plasma with a thin depth as well, albeit not quite as thin as the LCD.

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Sony XBR-LX900 series

Along with Panasonic, Sony was the only maker to specify the inclusion of the requisite 3D glasses with its TV. This flagship model also gets a few nice extras, although it doesn't have local dimming.

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Sony XBR-HX900 series

Local dimming LED technology is reserved for Sony's step-down 3D-capable TV.

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Vizio XVT Pro series

Vizio was the only maker to announce pricing on its 3D models, and at $2,500 for the 55-incher, the premium for 3D doesn't sound too high.

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Toshiba ZX900 series (Cell TV)

Speaking of pricing, though the damage on the U.S. version of the Cell TV wasn't announced, its Japanese brother costs $11 grand. 3D capability--complete with 2D to 3D conversion for existing content--is just the tip of the Toshiba's features iceberg, which was impressive enough to earn it one of our three Best of CES nominations.

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LG LE9500 series

Another Best of CES nominee, this thin-bezel LG was the company's only 3D-compatible model announced at the show.

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Panasonic TC-PVT25 series

The overall Best of CES winner, Panasonic's 3D plasma will likely deliver an impressive picture even in two dimensions.

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