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The MakerBot Replicator

We awarded the MakerBot Replicator a Best of CES award in the emerging tech category.
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An example of the MakerBot's output

This scene is one of several on display at the MakerBot booth.
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3D Systems' Cube

The 3D Systems Cube 3D printer was nominated for an award at the show. It's less expensive then the MakerBot Replicator, but can only print in one color and has a smaller maximum object size.
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Bust printed by the Cube 3D printer

The Cube used a fine printing resolution on this bust, and also polished it to spruce it up for he show. The Replicator can also print at this resolution.
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A cathedral playset on Thingiverse

This plan is available for free on MakerBot's Thingiverse, courtesy of Thingiverse member Skimbal.
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"Serpent head"

This sculpture, by user pxzl, is available for purchase on 3D Systems own plan-hosting site, Cubify.
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Leonar3Do 3D design program

Many plans for 3D objects come from users working with CAD design software, but Leonar3Do is a program designed to make it easy for anyone to make their own 3D project design files.
Updated:Caption:Photo:Sarah Tew/CNET
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