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Microsoft sat down with CNET to preview three music apps that are coming to the Windows Phone 7 application Marketplace. In each case, the interface--with its combination of listed menu items and horizontal swiping navigation--is as interesting as the apps' familiar content.

Slacker Radio, a streaming music app, pairs music discovery with genre stations curated by professional DJs.

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Slacker's app makes use of Windows Phone 7's live tiles by purposing album art to feature songs. While the app will be unique for playing tunes stored on the phone, the Windows Phone 7 version won't support offline caching on launch, a favorite mobile Slacker feature.

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Another streaming music app,I Heart Radio skips the panorama view on its start screen.

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The Panorama view returns once you make a menu selection. In addition to discovering new music and playing stations by genre, you can also tap into local station, buy music, and share favorites on Facebook.

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Streaming lyrics are behing MusixMatch's colorful Lyrics app, which promotes featured songs on its home screen.

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The Lyrics app will roll the words that match the tune, when available, for songs from its collection or from yours.

Like the other two music apps we saw, pricing and availability were not yet announced.

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